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2016-09-15 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - Payroll Taxes:

Hi Nick    The short answer is yes.  However,  doing so might put you in a situation where you  will owe taxes on your year end 1040 return.      Payroll taxes are a calculation based on annual ESTIMATED

2016-09-11 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - How to pay the bill against 3 bills with specific amount I have?:

Hi Luck,     You would not change the way you are entering your payment to the vendor. Instead,   you need a report that will give you the balances owed to the vendor.    Accounting software usually comes

2016-09-08 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Tax Penalty:

Nominal.    But you can avoid all penalty by doing a withholding which is treated as paid pro rata and not the day made.    One easy way is to take a distribution from an IRA for say 100x.   But withhold

2016-09-08 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Taxes:

John,    Thanks for your question.     Probably no penalty. There are three safe harbors to avoid a penalty for underpayment. You may qualify on the third one. Making a payment now would help.    1. You

2016-09-07 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - Deducting Interest on RV Loan:

Sara,    Thanks for your question.    The RV must have a lien on it in order to deduct the interest. When the lender does not provide a Form 1098, you would include the name, identifying number (SS number


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