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2016-09-06 Adoption Issues - Adoption Research:

 Thank you for your question and best of luck with your research.     I do not work in Indiana, so am not familiar with the laws in that state regarding sealed adoption records and recommend you reach

2016-08-30 Adoption Issues - International Adoption:

Hi Maria- I'm glad that you contacted me because you and your family are taking on a big burden. It is difficult to answer some of your questions, because I have only the limited information that you provided

2016-08-19 Adoptive Parenting - How would a child feel towards her father?:

I would think that as the girl grows up, her mom will share with her the story of her birth. As she gets older, more details about the adoption are shared. If the daughter and biological father can maintain

2016-08-19 Adoptive Parenting - Why would women that adopt a new born girl still allow the child to:

Most adoptive parents have gone through EXTENSIVE training and classes about adoption and loss. By keeping an open relationship, this adoptive mom is allowing her daughter to remain connected to her biological

2016-07-16 Adoption Issues - Adopting out of birth order:

Maria,  Congratulations on the adoption of a sibling group.  It is very exciting.  You do have a big family, and I relate as a mother of ten.  As an adoption professional and a mom, I have researched your


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