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2016-11-03 Adoption Issues - International Adoption and School:

Maria,    Thank you for your question.  First and most importantly, congratulations on the adoption of your daughter!  How wonderful.  Your question is a very important one and one that can receive many

2016-11-03 Adoption Issues - International Adoption Travel:

Roxanne,  Thank you for your question.  First, congratulations on the upcoming adoption!  Very exciting.  Your question is so very important and raises many issues.  If you travel with your other children

2016-10-02 Adoption Issues - Sibling Search:

The search for siblings may prove difficult without identifying information. Much will depend on where the adoptions were finalized. Reunion registries and DNA registries are becoming more popular and

2016-09-27 Adoption Issues - How old do three girls have to be in order to understand that they:

Hello,     This is not difficult for them to understand at all.  If they are raised as sisters under the same roof, they will just be sisters.  As they mature and begin to have questions about it, you

2016-09-26 Adoption Issues - Why would a 12 year old like it when adult men were to:

Hello,    Unfortunately, without knowing the child or the circumstances of the situation, I can not definitively say why a child would have a better relationship with her adoptive father than her biological


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