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2017-02-20 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Spots/Bumps on Penis Head:

Hi Again, John,  Thanks for your f/u answers to my questions.  It does not sound like it is due to STD, but rather of a chronic skin disorder.  I would seek care from a dermatologist.  A moderate strength

2017-02-20 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Spots/Bumps on Penis Head:

Hello John,   Your history is incomplete.  The interplay between patient and health care provider and the question that are asked, help us figure out what may be wrong.  Such an interplay is not easily

2017-02-19 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - hpv on penis?:

Hello Mark,   Your penis looks absolutely fine.  No evidence of warts, however since HPV in invisible, there is no good way to identify the virus unless warts develop. I respectfully disagree with your

2017-02-19 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Bumps on penis:

Hello Kyle,  The bumps illustrated in the photos are perfectly normal parts of the anatomy, and are NOT warts.  That doesn't necessarily mean you don't have HPV, since HPV are invisible, and most sexually

2017-02-17 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STD question:

Hello Tom,     I see from the photographs, that your penis is uncirc'd, and the red dots appear to be on both the head (glans) and distal shaft where the foreskin would cover.  Uncircumcised penises have


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