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2017-01-18 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - HPV?!:

Hello Again, Anna,  Bleeding is from a cut, scratch, menstrual flow, hormonal variations during hormonal contraception, or an infection, and this can ONLY be determined by your talking with your health

2017-01-18 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - HPV?!:

Hello Anna,   The photos do NOT show any evidence of warts. I cannot say whether you have HPV, since this virus is invisible. Remember that skin everywhere, including the vulva, is constantly remodeling

2017-01-17 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Do I have genital warts?:

Hello Ally,  Of course you should go to the doctor (student health, Planned Parenthood, etc.).  Your health care provider can examine you directly, in ways that are impossible with a single photograph

2017-01-15 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Normal or abnormal vulva:

Hello Courbet,  The bumpy texture you see is a normal variation, and is nothing to worry about! Note, I am viewing a two dimensional photograph, and a real time exam by a doctor may be able to see things

2017-01-14 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Hiv:

Hello Dylan,  It is very, very difficult to contract HIV from oral sex (either giving or receiving). The virus is not well transmitted in that fashion. In the United States, most clinic and hospital based


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