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2016-12-07 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Warts?:

Hello Again, Antonio,  Verruca vulgaris is a wart caused by a different strain of HPV.  You may get a biopsy if you are trying to determine exactly what it is.  Alternatively, your goal is to get rid of

2016-12-06 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Ummm?!? HELP!!!:

Hi Again, Jan,  Initial outbreaks of herpes usually takes a few days to show up after initial exposure. "Yesterday" doesn't qualify.  You never mentioned whether you EVER had herpes in the past. Herpetic

2016-12-05 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Herpes?!:

Hello Emma,   You haven't provided me with enough information. How long have you noticed these bumps? A day or so, or for a week or more? Any itch, numbness, tingling, funny feeling?  The upper photo ("Herpes?")

2016-12-05 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Ummm?!? HELP!!!:

Hi Jan,   Perhaps using a silicone- or water-based lubricant to prevent friction injuries next time would be helpful.  Since you recently had an antibiotic, it is possible that you might have a vaginal

2016-12-04 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Bumps that look like herpes:

Hello Noah,  The bumps you noticed are normal variations of the skin: on the underside, they are pearly penile papules. On the rim (corona) of the head (glans), the imperfections are also normal.  They


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