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2016-09-25 Homeopathy - Sexual disorder:

Dear Zosh,          It is very evident that your problem is purely psychological; otherwise, you would not have been aroused normally on watching porn. Thus, it is obvious that you do not need medicines

2016-09-24 Homeopathy - Kidney Stone:

Dear Atul,          You can afford to avoid surgery only so long as there are no back-pressure effects on your kidney. Even if you try alternative medicine remedies, you will have to monitor your response

2016-09-20 Ayurveda - Preventive Medicine for Dengue:

Namaste     You can take preventive measures like avoiding mosquitoes. Check precautionary list of govt wear full sleeves and protect yourself with net during sleep.   Guduchi tab or juice you can use

2016-09-20 Alternative Medicine - Naturally calming medications:

Hi Amber  The very best of the calming herbs for children are chamomile and lemon balm.  Make a herbal tea with them - separately or together - and give this to him.  He might be more accepting of the

2016-09-19 Homeopathy - Dilution:

Dear Adeel you are welcome    I have never used the remedies made by the companies mentioned at number 3 and 4; therefore, I cannot say anything about these companies.    Up to my information, ‘Dr. Willmar


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