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2016-10-20 Chiropractors - Tight, extremely painful hips and lower back pain, locked up:

Jason this is a tough question mainly because I was not there when you rec'd the miracle treatment. I do have a few questions to ask you. Do you exercise regularly. I hope you answer yes. My next question

2016-10-20 Homeopathy - Bladder cystitis:

Dear Vikas,          This may or may not be seminorrhea. I suggest that you collect this suspicious sample of urine and get it tested in the lab to find out. Anyway, after taking Thuja for 15 days,

2016-10-18 Chiropractors - Skating Injury:

If you bruised the tailbone, it will the pain will go away if a few weeks. But you can also jam the spinal joints in the lower back with falls. If you have symptoms that continue in the next two weeks

2016-10-17 Homeopathy - Parul | Knee Pain and Inflammation:

Hello,        Please try the following homeopathic treatment protocol:    Calcarea carbonica 200C, 5 drops in 2 teaspoons of water every Sunday night at bedtime, for a month.  Calcarea fluoricum 3X, 4

2016-10-16 Homeopathy - Bladder cystitis:

Dear Vikas,          Please try taking Thuja occidentalis 30C, 4 pills thrice daily for 15 days. This is an excellent remedy for chronic cystitis. Also, continue to drink sufficient amounts of water


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