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2017-01-17 Homeopathy - Cough:

Dear Philip,          Please get your father investigated to rule out any cardiac and pulmonary pathologies. Do not assume that is simply chest congestion, as there are several heart and lung conditions

2017-01-15 Alternative Medicine - glaucoma:

This is a complicated answer in several parts, so please hang in there with me, ok?    First, Glaucoma is a western medicine diagnosis. Mainstream medicine is called allopathy because it takes a "use this

2017-01-13 Homeopathy - Cold and cough:

Dear Philip,          Yes, please give him the same medicine. If his cough increases, you can safely give him homeopathic Stodal cough syrup by SBL company. It is an excellent general cough remedy

2017-01-09 Homeopathy - Vigra (sildenafil):

Dear Sameer,          Unfortunately, there is no such medicine in Homeopathy, as this system of medicine works towards treating the cause of the problem naturally, rather than tackling only a symptom

2017-01-07 Homeopathy - urgent help for male power:

Dear Rizwan,          Please practice the start-stop-start technique to control your premature ejaculation problem. As for your erectile dysfunction, please start off with Nux vomica 30C, 4 pills thrice


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