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2017-03-19 Alternative Medicine - Possible Thyroid Nodule:

Hi Dee,  The supplements would not help. On the contrary, kelp could make things worse. Kelp contains iodine which fools the mechanism in the body that regulates the thyroid function. An over active or

2017-03-13 Chiropractors - Had Ct SCAN XRAY NORMAL:

Carolyn,  Are you able to send me those films?  In most cases of so-called normal is when I am able to find the problem.   I cannot trust another doctors eyes and have to see it for myself.   I have seen

2017-03-10 Homeopathy - Impotecy:

Dear Qamar,          Your increased cholesterol can lead to fatty deposits in your blood vessels (including those that supply your reproductory organs) and thereby lead to erectile dysfunction. Further

2017-03-04 Chiropractors - hit head neck and back hurt:

Hi Carolyn,  Sorry to hear of your injury.   From what you are describing to me it sounds like you already were injured and are now reaggravating and likely worsening it.   You said that you already had

2017-03-03 Homeopathy - Continuation to earlier query of Leg Numbness and Burning of Right Leg:

Dear Atul,          The fact that you have suffered from kidney stones, indicates that you probably have a calcium metabolism disturbance. Your back pain may be related to incarcerated flatus, but gas


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