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2016-12-07 Homeopathy - parkinson plus disease cure:

Dear Kumar,    I am sorry to hear about this condition. Although I have had some experience in the treatment of Parkinsons, I cannot think of any one remedy for what you describe. This is a complex situation

2016-12-05 Aromatherapy - Query re aromatherapy usage etc.:

Hi Geoffrey  Thank you for all your questions.... here goes....    Ultrasound cold- humidifier - I had to look this up as I have no experience of one. You may find the oils will corode the plastic of the

2016-12-03 Homeopathy - spermatorrhea and weakness:

Dear Rizwan,          If the sticky fluid comes out only when you are aroused, you need not worry, as it is most probably the precum. Anyway, if in doubt, get the suspicious urine sample tested to

2016-12-02 Homeopathy - Homeo Medicine for Worms:

Generally in homeopathy, medicine is not given without proper questioning and examining, but in case of worms in children, Cina-6, one dose a day can be tried for a few days (say a week. If it doesn't

2016-12-01 Homeopathy - skin allergy:

Dear Dheeraj,          Ghabarane ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Yeh ek toxic reaction hi hai, jo galat khane ki wajah se hui hai. Sab se pehle, aap ek pura din sirf fruits khao and aath-dus glass pani


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