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Alzheimer's Disease

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2016-12-02 Alzheimer`s Disease - geriatrician single handed diag dementia:

If I was your attorney I'd be asking for a second unbiased opinion.     To answer your first question, yes a geriatric physician can diagnose dementiia. Doesn't take a lot of visits to do that. If he gave

2016-11-19 Alzheimer`s Disease - Chanting with dementia:

Hello Mary:  You don't really indicate if this chanting is a big problem or just an annoyance to everyone around her.  Her brain is "stuck" in that loop in her brain where the chanting likely provides

2016-11-05 Alzheimer`s Disease - Mother - alzheimers or depression?:

I know that generation is very stubborn! They don't take "handouts". Doesn't matter which order you do it in. Just because you might get an answer doesn't mean she'll believe it and/or remember it! And

2016-11-05 Alzheimer`s Disease - Mother - alzheimers or depression?:

Hi Missy,   I would most certainly have her checked out. My choice would be either a geriatric specialist or a neurologist. A general PC maybe able to say she has something going on but probably won't

2016-10-18 Alzheimer`s Disease - Antihistamines and cognition:

Benadryl is a trade name for diphenhydramine and in fact, it is pretty well researched not only in older adults. It inhibits activity in the memory and learning centers in the brain leading to memory loss


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