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Alzheimer's Disease

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2016-08-27 Alzheimer`s Disease - dementia:

Hello Anthony:  I'm very sorry to hear of your mother's decline and I'm sure you're very worried about it.  A major change in dietary habits with weight loss could mean some type of dementia, but it could

2016-08-26 Alzheimer`s Disease - Possible dementia:

Hi Anne-  In my lay opinion,your mother-in-law in all likelihood has dementia and she should be seen by a neurologist.  Unfortunately, the medication out there right now have a limited impact on even slowing

2016-08-26 Alzheimer`s Disease - Concern about step mother:

Hi JoAnne,     First thing I would suggest is NOT to reason with her. It won't work and she'll end up resenting you more.     Second, does she have a doctor she goes to regularly? If so I would write him/her

2016-08-26 Alzheimer`s Disease - Dementia?:

Hello JoAnne:  I'm very sorry to hear of your current issues with your step mother.  I'm sure it's extremely frustrating to you.  It does sound as if it could be dementia because that can be typical behavior

2016-07-21 Alzheimer`s Disease - Dementia:

Dear Christi,    I advise you to give your grandmother these three supplements.     a) Pyruvate.     Pyruvate is the most natural energy substance produced by our bodies from glucose. Cognitive problems


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