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2016-10-18 General History - Spanish Civil War:

I am hardly an expert on this particular subject. But one thing is certain! Contrary to the American Flying Tigers in China fighting the Japanese the Condors were not a private initiativet! Regardless

2016-10-17 General History - Napoleon in exile:

Not as far as I know. He had been given the right to use his tiles of emperor (France) & king (Italy) and he had been given Elba as his private independent principality. To do that before HE moved and

2016-10-15 U.S. History - Terms of address for American aristocracy:

Hi Tim,    I'll be glad to help with your question.    America in the 19th century, especially before the Civil War, prided itself on being egalitarian instead of having a rigid class system like in Europe

2016-09-27 U.S. History - Substitutes during Revolutionary War:

I don't think slaves were used as substitutes.  I could be wrong on that point, but I've never heard of that situation.  Many men of substance paid others to take their place in militia units going off

2016-09-27 U.S. History - Substitutes during Revolutionary War:

Hello,    During the Revolution, there was no federal government to draft soldiers. The Continental Congress passed several laws asking the States to meet quotas for the Continental Army.  For the most


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