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2016-12-05 General History - Preserving history:

Hello,    Typically, important historical figures have published their papers.  These often provide us with original source documents about events.    For example, I am working on some projects related

2016-11-29 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Committee Chairs--who do they listen to?:

Hello,    There are no enforceable rules about who members of Congress correspond with.  They are free to ignore messages from everyone, respond to everyone, or respond to only select groups of their choosing

2016-11-14 General History - Churchyard memorials:

Unfortunately, I have more knowledge of the current way of doing such in Canada today than historically.  That said, stones here are usually placed on some kind of a foundation block to keep the stone

2016-11-14 Legislation, Presidential & Congressional Politics - Investigating Hillary:

Actually the did find evidence enough to prosecute. FBI director opted not to. You do not need to prove intent for a violation. Many former federal prosecutors said they would take the case.    She may

2016-11-08 U.S. History - Women's history:

Hi Elizabeth,    I'll be glad to help with your question.     The term "scholarly article" typically refers to a publication in a peer-reviewed journal like (in the case of history), the American Historical


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