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2016-12-09 Mythology - Greek Mythology:

Hi Zach, apologies for my late reply and I hope you are still in time to apply these answers to your questions for help!    1) Mythology in itself is rich in ancient culture and helps in revealing how

2016-12-05 General History - Preserving history:

Hello,    Typically, important historical figures have published their papers.  These often provide us with original source documents about events.    For example, I am working on some projects related

2016-12-04 Mythology - Janus Family Tree and Myth:

I'm afraid there's not much I can tell you about Janus. He was a strictly Roman god and there aren't any genealogy or stories about him. I read once he was the son of Apollo, but I can't confirm that anywhere

2016-11-29 Ancient/Classical History - The fossilization of Latin:

Dear  Johnnie,    if you want to oversimplified  the matter, you  could  say that Latin -  which as a Vulgar Latin (“sermo vulgaris”, in Latin),i.e. the idiom of the illiterate, like soldiers, merchants

2016-11-28 Ancient/Classical History - Grammarians:

Hello,    First of all the reason why Latin is so complicated is not  “because it is a language created by pure logic instead of daily practice”, as you say. This is in fact an odd statement, since all


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