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2016-09-22 Ancient/Classical History - ancient Roman nomenclature:

Hi Felicia,    you can name Publius Clodius Thrasea Paetus and Arria’s  daughters  from eldest to youngest as  “Clodia Prima” (referred to as their actual daughter Fannia) , “Clodia Secunda “, “Clodia

2016-09-21 Ancient/Classical History - ancient Roman nomenclature:

Hello,    First of all I have to point out that every member of the Roman families had “tria nomina” (tree names), i.e. the “praenomen” (forename/personal name/first name), the “nomen” (a hereditary surname

2016-08-04 General History - query.:

Hi Sam,    Gold and silver have been valuable commodities throughout history because they have always been relatively rare and hard to obtain. For the same reason, precious stones have also generally been

2016-08-04 Ancient/Classical History - question:

When it comes to what was valuable when, well that is mostly out of my expertise, but I do know some things. Much if of it is what the market will bare. You can google it and see what comes up. Salt was

2016-07-24 General History - Question about a Chinese prince:

Hello,    The location of the tomb of Qin Shi Huang has always been well known, but has never been disturbed in the more than 2000 years since his entombment.  So we just don't know what we would find


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