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2016-10-20 Anesthesiology - Anesthesia machine:

Hi there    Thanks for the question.      "there is no O2 sensor where it should be - just the cap"     This is not standard nor is it acceptable because as you note one cannot check the machine.    "they

2016-10-04 Anesthesiology - Anesthesiologist vs CRNA:

Depending on what state you are in, some CRNAs can work under the direction of a surgeon (with no anesthesiologist present). CRNAs are allowed to manage any anesthetic case (including open heart, etc)

2016-09-30 Anesthesiology - anesthesia:

Controlled breathing is when you are intubated and your breathing is managed by a ventilator. Even with controlled breathing, the stone will still move and they are not going to stop your breathing every

2016-09-25 Anesthesiology - if take anti-anxiety med before anesthesia...:

Yes. It is a painful procedure but it can be done under deep sedation. There is nothing wrong with doing it under general. It is extremely safe and probably more comfortable for you but there are options

2016-09-25 Anesthesiology - if take anti-anxiety med before anesthesia...:

First of all, lithotripsy does not REQUIRE general anesthesia although a lot of people prefer it. They can give you an anxiolytic the night before but more often we give you an injectable version before


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