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2016-12-24 Anesthesiology - scheduling outpatient procedure without anesthesia:

It may be a policy at that facility that anesthesia is on standby and you should ask that question to your gastro. The concept behind "stand-by" is for cases where the gastro nurse is giving sedation and

2016-12-05 Vascular Surgery - Cirulation:

not sure what happened but, you sure did not get what wuld have gotten you a better outcome\  i would suggest you call the first place on this shortlist -mostly because they have more vascular surgeons

2016-12-03 Anesthesiology - Risk of aspiration due to belching:

You should certainly inform the anesthesiologist of your problem. There are several anesthetic approaches to this procedure. The most common is probably a spinal anesthetic. In this case you would be sedated


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