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2017-03-17 Anesthesiology - Suboxone and anesthetic:

Surgeons are generally not trained in pain management and don't get paid to 'do it'--so your predicament is only surprising in that the "anesthetic doc" "seems" "unsure". A board-certified anesthesiologist

2017-03-14 Anesthesiology - organ sensation:

Hey Debbie      Nope! Heart attacks are another good example of visceral pain that is common place and embodies the wide spectrum of clinical presentations discussed above is a myocardial infarction (MI)

2017-03-13 Anesthesiology - organ sensation:

Hi Debbie    Well to answer briefly there are two types of sensations in this regard. Somatic pain and Visceral pain. So somatic is what you feel when someone cuts or burns your skin and visceral is organs


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