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2016-09-27 Birds--General - Dove:

It might take a while for the proper nutrition to work, and there are bird vitamins you can add to the food or water, some specifically made for feather growth.  Providing full spectrum or UV lighting

2016-09-25 Interspecies Conflict - Nile Crocodile vs Gaur:

Hello Gian.      Nile Crocodile vs Gaur: A large gaur can weigh about 50% more than a large Nile crocodile.  Nile crocodiles are practiced at seizing large animals (sometimes Cape buffalo) at the water's

2016-09-25 Reptiles - phallectomy complication:

I would have to say something went wrong during surgery-if he was fine going in and broken coming out...  Please understand I am not a vet so my opinion on this is less solid than even yours.  You could

2016-09-24 Interspecies Conflict - Crying Crocodile Tears:

Hello Trish.      1. Snow Leopard vs 3 Wolverines: The snow leopard will weigh more than all 3 wolverines combined.  A snow leopard is armed with pointed teeth and sharp, curved claws.  It can bring down

2016-09-21 Wild Animals - Animal's Life Span in zoos and circuses compared to the wild:

Dear Kellie    Thank you for your question. I also wish to thank the authors of the websites I used.    Dr Bob ( gives a list of maximum life spans for many animals


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