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2017-01-15 Interspecies Conflict - Gorilla vs Giant Panda:

Hello Gian.      Gorilla vs Giant Panda (discussion): Here is one past answer ("Animal Fights 5" from 4/18/14) to this matchup to get us started:    "Giant Panda vs Western Gorilla: The Western gorilla

2017-01-14 Interspecies Conflict - Big Trouble In Little China:

Hello Trish.  Very good week for me, but I'm glad the weekend is here.      1. White Rhino vs Iguanodon: A maximum-sized white rhinoceros will weigh about 1/3 more than an Iguanodon (some sources assign

2017-01-11 Wild Animals - Cascade effect etc.:

Dear Geoffrey  Thank you for your questions. I also wish to thank the authors of the websites I used. Please note that large and small species of animals can cause cascade effects    https://en.wikipedia

2017-01-08 Birding - Northern Cardinal:

Hi James. The black feather does not indicate age, so we don't know how old this bird is. It's not unusual for birds to get used to people like this, but the danger is that they get so used to people they

2017-01-08 Interspecies Conflict - Saltwater Crocodile vs Cape Buffalo:

Hello Gian.  Good to be back.  Hope you had a great New Year.      Saltwater Crocodile vs Cape Buffalo (On Land): This is an interesting matchup to discuss.  Here is a recent answer to a similar matchup


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