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2016-10-15 Yu-Gi-Oh - Best Mill Decks:

While I won't say it's hugely competitive,it's usually something like this:    3 Lava Golem  3 Battle Fader  2 Necroface  2 Gren Maju Da Eiza  (10)    3 Allure of Darkness  3 Soul Absorption  3 Gold Sarcophagus

2016-10-11 Yu-Gi-Oh - Best Mill Decks:

There isn't really an active Mill deck right now in Advanced format, mostly because a lot of the decks in the format would actually benefit from the milling - making your opponent mill 5 and having them

2016-10-10 Yu-Gi-Oh - Best Mill Decks:

You're pretty much only looking at Empty Jar and Exchange of the Spirit (With Pre-errata Exchange).  I won't lie, the format you're looking to play is not particularly interesting - most games are exactly

2016-10-09 Yu-Gi-Oh - quantum idea:

I'm afraid that normally for a theme, the special summon effect and the Level Change effect are attached to different monsters.  There are lots of monsters that can alter their own level, but very few

2016-10-08 Yu-Gi-Oh - Restrict Deck:

Burn is rarely a viable strategy in the TCG, so attacking is usually the preferred way to go.    Generally it's preferred to avoid Fusion Summons if at all possible, which is especially true here since


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