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2017-01-22 Antique Safes - old safe/value:

Hi Rob,    Very Cool.    Your safe appears to be a "Victor Safe & Lock Company", cannonball safe, made during the early 1900's.   Weight would be around 5000 to 6000 lbs.    As far as "value", I will need

2017-01-21 Antique Safes - Safe:

Hi Daniel,    "IF" the safe is an American made safe, then I would be happy to try to help you out.   If the safe is English or European made, then I may have some other individuals that I might recommend

2017-01-21 Antique Safes - Antique Mosler Safe:

Hi Bill,    Based on your serial number, your safe would have been made around 1914 to 1916.   As far as it being "similar" to another safe, between the 1890's through the 1920's Mosler didn't make a lot

2017-01-20 Antique Safes - Age and Value of Safe:

Hi Kim,    That's the problem with weight, most people simply can't estimate weight, especially over 500 lbs or more.    Your safe is from the 1950's or early 60's.   These were originally designed for

2017-01-19 Antique Safes - malfunction of Allexpers website:

Hi Roland,    Yes, I've also sent them several emails regarding this with no response.    Fortunately, I'm still getting plenty of requests for information from clients, but I have noticed that the numbers


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