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2017-02-24 Antique Safes - Reliable Safe and Lock Company:

Hi Chase,    Sorry, but there was no such thing as a "generic combination".   Every safe was set on an individual, unique combination    During the 1940's, locksmiths collected as many combinations as

2017-02-23 Antique Safes - Old Hall's & Lock Co Safe:

Hi Lee Anne,    This site isn't "photo friendly" so I'll need you to send the pics to me, along with any questions.      In order to answer questions, identify, evaluate or appraise the “current condition”

2017-02-20 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Martha Sewing Cabinet:

Laura - I assume you mean a Martha Washington sewing cabinet.  Martha's original sewing cabinet was a small work table, open below or shielded by a drop cloth, with two compartments for material on each

2017-02-19 Antique Furniture - Coal chest (?):

coal box or kindling box.      we used to see a lot of these from europe back in teh 70s and 80s.    they sell around 150 for nice ones like yours.    hope this helps    thanks    the box being from europe

2017-02-19 Antique Furniture - Antique carved lion head settee and chair:

use followup function and post close clear and infocus picture of the wood grain so in can determine species.  and a close up picture of the lions head    Understand that without a label there is no way


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