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2017-04-22 Antique Safes - Antique Safe:

Hi Jeff,    Concerning the age - no.   Sorry but manufacturers NEVER release ANY information concerning their safes for obvious security and liability reasons, including serial numbers.  After a company

2017-04-21 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - An old trunk:

Hi Kenzie,   Your trunk is metal covered wood with brass plated hardware and a style made by quite a few American trunk makers from the 1920's to 1940's. Unless there is a label on this trunk somewhere

2017-04-21 Antique Safes - Whats my safe worth/ anything you know about it:

Hi Derek,    The manufacturer was actually "John McBride Davidson" and the company was "Davidson's Fire King Safes"    They were in business from the 1840's through the early 1870's.    I actually have

2017-04-20 Antique Safes - Diebold safe weight estimate:

Hi Jeff,    I love these older fire resistive safes like this.     The San Jose State University had one down at their swimming pool office - I always scheduled up services around lunch time - and of course

2017-04-20 Antique Musical Instruments - Keefer cornet:

I'm not sure whether Keefer immediately quit putting serials on the bells when he took over the Distin company or sometime later, but at some point he did discontinue the practice.      I would estimate


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