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2017-03-26 Antique Safes - York Safe and Lock:

I would have no idea without looking at your safe.   Appraisal or evaluation value is based on what you actually have and obviously it's condition.   Two of the same safes may have totally different values

2017-03-26 Antique Safes - Safe we are trying to find out about in wall of new home:

Hi Vincent,    The manufacturer was known as "Eastern", though the name was actually "Eastern Research & Engineering Co., Boston, MA.   They manufactured a small line of wall safes from the early 1940's

2017-03-25 Antique Safes - York Safe and Lock:

Hi David,    I'm assuming that you are indicating that it has a fire resistive rating of "1 hour".      The reason that I told the lady that you are referencing that the safe NO LONGER provides the listed

2017-03-23 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Mahogany Dining Table:

Ethan - That is confusing. Colby's used the name John A. Colby & Sons from 1885 to the mid 1940s. The company closed its furniture factory in the 1920s. Since I can't see enough of your table so I can't

2017-03-23 Antique Furniture - Hathaway's Bedroom Set:

condition has a lot to do with value, retail and wholesale, auction or shop and insurance replacement.    this set in a shop would need to have some work done prior to sale.  after that work was completed


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