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2016-12-05 Silver and Flatware - sterling flatware set:

Hello.    Oneida acquired Heirloom through a series of acquisitions. So, you may find the Mansion House pattern under Oneida at various web sites. Here is a link to help you calculate possible value like

2016-12-05 Silver and Flatware - sterling flatware sets:

Hello.    This looks like the "Lady Diana" pattern from Towle. I cannot quite make out the pattern of the little spoons. They might be Gorham "Chantilly" which was patented in 1895.    I cannot tell how

2016-12-05 Antique Safes - Safe combination problem:

Hi William,    The dialing sequence for your safe should be     Right four times to the first number,   Left three times to the second number,   Right two times to the third number,  Left one times until

2016-12-04 Antique Clocks - escapement wheel teeth number:

probably not the original movement--the photo shows an alarm equipped mvt originally?    anyway a 32 tooth wheel should have gotten you a 6792 BPH  or 11" pendulum length    a 36 tooth 7640.8 bph  and

2016-12-04 Antique Safes - Cary safe:

Hi Scarlett,    I would love to take a look at your Cary safe.   It's wonderful to find someone who has a family heirloom like this, that has been in the family and family business, that wants to keep


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