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2016-09-29 Antique Safes - York safe:

HI Jay,    What you have is an insulated filing cabinet - NOT a safe.  To be more accurate it is an insulated ledger tray.     This is considered OLD office equipment.  It provides no security and it doesn't

2016-09-28 Silver and Flatware - BB&B Co Spoons:

Hello.    The three little marks above the word, "Sterling", appear to be those of Gorham Co. used before around 1950. The pattern appears to be "Luxembourg". I imagine the "BB&B" represents Bailey, Banks

2016-09-27 Antique Furniture - Table - 3 Pedestals:

Hi Priscilla,    Your Duncan Phyfe style extension dining table appears to have been made in the  1950's due to the light blonde Finnish that was popular at that time.  The #144 could be referring to a

2016-09-27 Antique Furniture - Chippendale Style Dresser:

Hi Nicole,    In viewing the dovetails it appears that your piece was made in the early to mid 20th century. Perhaps 1930's. It does not have what I would consider a desirable form but I do frown on  painting

2016-09-27 Antique Safes - Meilink safe:

Hi Katherine,    I would be more than happy to take a look at your little safe for you.      In order to answer questions, identify, evaluate or appraise the “current condition” of your safe, I'm going


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