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2017-03-23 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Mahogany Dining Table:

Ethan - That is confusing. Colby's used the name John A. Colby & Sons from 1885 to the mid 1940s. The company closed its furniture factory in the 1920s. Since I can't see enough of your table so I can't

2017-03-23 Antique Furniture - Hathaway's Bedroom Set:

condition has a lot to do with value, retail and wholesale, auction or shop and insurance replacement.    this set in a shop would need to have some work done prior to sale.  after that work was completed

2017-03-23 Antique Furniture - Age of this recliner:

There were a couple of companies using the push button mechanism, Royal Chair Company and Royal Easy Chair Co. (same company),  being the more prolific one.  they usually had a round brass label attached

2017-03-22 Antique Clocks - 1901 Isaac Pheils world time clock:

What you have is a very rare clock, I am sure. I could also find no information on it. I even checked a book of manufacturers that existed before 1900 and found nothing. Something like this would have

2017-03-22 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Cadillac Desk Table 240:

Doug - You have done your homework well. Your early 20th century Cadillac desk is Mission style, made of quartersawn white oak. I cannot confirm the model number. Recent sales of Cadillac desk, all with


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