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2016-10-24 Collectibles-General (Antiques) - Red six drawer chest:

Teri - A. H. Heilman was in business in Williamsburg, PA from 1870 to 1929. Your chest appears to be from the early 1920s in Federal style. It was almost certainly painted red by a previous owner, not

2016-10-24 Antique Safes - info on safe:

Hi Gerry,    While Farrel & Herring had been "partner's" since the 1850's, they didn't actually begin using the Farrel & Herring, or Herring & Farrel logo's until about 1869.    They used these names in

2016-10-24 Antique Furniture - Windsor chairs with rush seats:

The wood does appear to be Birch. I can see now that they are painted that would've been original from the factory as many Windsor style chairs of old were painted. The whole that you see in the last

2016-10-23 Antique Safes - S.C Herring Safe:

Hi Todd,    sorry but first I have to start with the "vintage" thing - unless it was harvested from a vineyard or bottled as a wine, it is NOT vintage, which ONLY describes the year or age of a wine or

2016-10-23 Antique Safes - Whitfield safe, double door.:

Hello Stephen,    Whitfield was one of scores of small safe-makers that burgeoned in the late Victorian era but I am going to need a picture or two to date it and identify its type of construction.  You


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