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2016-12-09 Computer Security & Viruses - new laptop security ouestion:

Those programs will not compete. Defender is not an anti-virus. It is anti-malware. It is not recommended to run 2 antivirus at one time. Two antimalware programs at once is fine (more is overkill).  

2016-12-06 Computer Security & Viruses - Malwarebites Premium locking up computer:

Donna, I will do my best to help you. Your question is long. If I leave anything out just get back with me on what I missed.  First of all, due to some of the things you mentioned, there is a strong possibility

2016-10-20 Computer Security & Viruses - Web links:    discountdomainsuk

2016-10-18 Computer Security & Viruses - Web links:

Hi James,    It's a secure site.    It belongs to Google. Companies like Google own many domains.   If you're not sure who owns a domain, there are many online sites that offer assistance like:    ip-adress

2016-10-11 Computer Security & Viruses - Got spied via router virus and fake bank website:

Hi Henrique    These are wireless keyboards.  The only thing that they encrypt is the wireless signal from the keyboard to the receiver, which is attached to the computer via USB.  Basically, once the


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