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2016-09-16 Computer Security & Viruses - Log On Irregularity:

Hi Mike,    It's one of two things - either components of the Visual C++ Libraries are missing or it's a software problem.  Since you're using Windows 10, I would tend to think it's software problem. What

2016-08-11 Computer Security & Viruses - QUESTION MULTIPLE WIFI NAME:

Hi Kenneth,    Note the #11 post on this thread:    " was very simple. i just opened the "network and sharing center"

2016-07-30 Computer Security & Viruses - hacking and next steps:

Additional note: Remember to review and revise your security and privacy settings for not only your social sites and all other online accounts.     Removing any program installed in the last two months

2016-07-24 Computer Security & Viruses - Virus:

Hi Karen,    The best friend for you and worst enemy for this trojan infection would be Kaspersky's TDSS trojan killer and removal tool.    Please follow link 1 below to download, run and eliminate this

2016-07-24 Computer Security & Viruses - Virus:

Hi Karen,    There are other methods, but first let me know if you've tried:    Norton is likely the best of the two


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