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2016-10-23 Construction Law - The Use of Prioritisation of Contract Documents:

Dear Shantha,      Thank you for your question.    Not sure where did you come from with that interpretation, Sub-Clause 1.5 states it cristal clear: "the priority of the documents shall be in accordance

2016-10-20 Construction Law - Termination and Subcon Insurance:

Hello Qassim,      Thank you for your question.    1. What do you mean "to terminate the contractor"?! You don't terminate the Contractor, you eventually terminate the CONTRACT!    To answer that, I need

2016-10-19 Employment Law - Exempt employee and tips:

Skye,    The answer to your questions is - as an exempt managerial level employee you should probably not be sharing in tips, particularly if this is a one-off type of event. By doing so, you are creating

2016-10-19 Mexican Law - trabajo:

Hola de nuevo!    Si, es posible obtener una copia. Hay que hacer un tramite ante la SEP para conseguirlos.    Yo recuerdo que son dos documentos: Secundaria y Preparatoria. Usted digame si necesita ambos

2016-10-19 Medical Malpractice - Knee spacer surgery:

Sorry you are having such problems. Legal/medical issue is "was there good reason for the different size space and/or was it the doctors reasonable medical judgment to do as he did???? If so there is no


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