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2017-01-18 Nonprofit Law - Donations to Teachers:

See pdf page 13 of under the heading  "Charitable Class"  --start of excerpt  ---  The group of individuals that may properly receive  assistance from a charitable

2017-01-17 Tax Law (Questions About Taxes) - when to discard tax documents:

Chris,    Thanks for your question.    The statute of limitations for tax returns is 3 years from the due date or date filed, whichever is later. Keeping documents longer than that is not necessary unless

2017-01-17 German Law - Spousal Support (alimony):

Dear John,    a civil judgment would not impact your immigration status in any way.    You may also want to consider the possibility of getting the court order amended if and when your financial circumstances

2017-01-17 Nonprofit Law - Annualized Contribution Acknowledgement Letter:

For more details, the IRS has a page at     Harvey Mechanic  Attorney at Law    P.S. This information is given for legal education only. It may not work for

2017-01-17 Nonprofit Law - Annualized Contribution Acknowledgement Letter:

I don't know pages you got to by "Googling" but the IRS is the authority on this matter. There are many advisors who simply want to make more money from their clients and, therefore concoct elaborate requirements


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