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2016-12-01 Residential Property Management - HOA:

A Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation, therefore I recommend you speak with an attorney regarding how to form one. It is very likely that you won't be able to force the vacant homeowner

2016-11-30 Moving Furniture - Will my sofa fit through my hallway:

Hi Leanne  Not enough info. Need the measurements for the sofa Length, width and height  Need door measurements width and height  Need to know if there are any sharp turns before or after entry.  Find

2016-11-26 Moving Furniture - Big couch small door:

Hi Shanel  You must give them a call. You need to find out with the legs off and the cushions pressed down wood to wood .I know the sofa pretty sure its closer to the 32 in height but you must call them

2016-11-25 Security & Fire Protection Systems - False Alarms:

I had a great Thanksgiving.  We celebrate it in October.  :-)    The easiest way to handle your question is for me to send you the latest manual (which includes the programming work sheets as well as more

2016-11-25 Moving Furniture - Will couch fit through door:

HI   I hope I will be able to help :)    To be 100% certain all measurements of the sofa should be less than what the measurements of the clearance, however facts such as shape of the sofa, arms and back


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