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2017-01-12 Respiratory Therapist - Heavy breathing. Is this anxiety?:

Hi Lance,    Thank you for trusting me with you personal medical question today. To answer your question, stress and anxiety CAN accelerate your breathing or make your breathing feel heavier. Accelerated/increased

2016-11-21 Respiratory Therapist - Insulation mask while doing yard work:

Hi Ben,    Thank you for entrusting me with your personal medical question! The quick and easy answer is YES, you should consider wearing a quality respirator mask while doing any house/yard work that

2016-11-03 Respiratory Therapist - Recurring bronchitis:

I assume you are not a smoker yourself, since you said you are sensitive to cigarette smoke, so I can fairly confidently say you don't have COPD/Chronic Bronchitis. My guess is simple acute bronchitis


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