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2017-03-27 Archaeology - Indian Artifacts?:

Hi Deanna,    Using the pic showing all 5 items top row from left to right.  #1 is hard to tell, not enough detail. #2 the hole does appear drilled.  This could be a net weight used for fishing or netting

2017-03-07 Archaeology - Help:

Hi Aishwarya,    My email is  it should work for you.  My friends in India use it with out problem.  But it is always better if you ask your question first so that I can answer it.

2017-02-20 Archaeology - Help:

HI Aishwarya,    There may be a number of causes of these symptoms.  There may be a component of depression, an organic illness, or a combination of both.  This is not something that can be resolved in

2017-02-06 Archaeology - Seal ring:

Hi Alessandro,    Thank you for sending me these photos.  Unfortunately it is difficult to determine authenticity based on these photos.  However, I suspect that it is not from the time frame claimed by

2017-02-03 Archaeology - rock found on oregon coast:

I did and have sent two responses.  Did you get either one of them?    How very strange that you did not get my responses.    1) could be a sea map.  A sea map shows the direction of waves as it relates


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