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2016-09-26 Archaeology - Akhenaten - followup:

Hi Amtry,    Monotheism is the worship of one God.  What Akhenaten did was revolutionary and indeed monotheistic in nature.  Just because it was the sun disk, does not change the meaning of monotheism

2016-09-26 Archaeology - Egyptian beliefs about after-life:

Hi Amtry,    Based on the Ancient Egyptian "Book of the Dead", they had a strong belief in the after life.  That is why, if the cloud afford the process they were mummified. I am not aware if they had

2016-09-19 Archaeology - solomon - followup:

Hi Amtry,    According to the Bible Solomon was a powerful King.  But Israel was a tiny country surrounded by very powerful empires.  To them it was inconsequential.  The survival of Israel rested solely

2016-09-18 Archaeology - Artifact?:

Hi Jim,    The axe appears to be a "geofact",  a naturally occurring rock in the shape of an axe.  The "v" shaped notch on the one edge and the rough edge on the other is interesting but I think the type

2016-09-16 Archaeology - Help:

Hi Aishwarya,    There are different ideas of governance for countries.  Theocracy lead by a religious leader like the Pope in Vatican City.  There is Communism in which the governing group determines


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