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2016-08-31 Architecture - Bldg. Footprint exceptional:

Thom,    I am uncertain if I understand your question without an illustration.    All support columns will need to respect the building setbacks just like any other part of the building footprint.    If

2016-08-24 Architecture - draftstopping:

Carlos,    Most likely the draftstop needs to be located above and in line with the fire-rated wall that separates the habitable living areas from the garage (and attic storage).    The construction type

2016-08-23 Architecture - Skywalk Gates Design.:

Prashant.    Yes, there will be advantages after implementing Opening and Closing Gates with locks for a skywalk from a security point of view.  But both buildings on either side of the skywalk must exit

2016-08-22 Architecture - Animation college:

Arena,    Just two months ago, an animation business located next to my architecture went bankrupt.  The problem with that business is that many clients are either not paying their animators and/or the

2016-08-16 Architecture - International airport design.:

1) You will want to add one additional gate for every four planes coming and going each day.  For 50 additional planes pulling up to a terminal, unloading, refueling, loading, and taking off again, there


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