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2017-02-05 Architecture - Wallpaper fixing in commercial aircrafts.:

Prashant,    I do not recommend wallpaper anywhere.  Especially within aircraft and where the temperature and humidity fluctuate greatly.  Vapor either gets trapped behind the vinyl wall paper or it causes

2017-01-18 Architecture - CCTV System installation in Tunnels.:

Prashant,    Considering that I have a few cameras set up to monitor and record activity for my office, you can expect that my answer is going to be "yes".  Our major road intersections and public utilities

2017-01-14 Architecture - Petrol Pumps stations with Basement.:

Prashant,    First we need to overcome a little bit of language barrier because we do not say "Petrol".  We say "Gas" and our fuel stations might look different than what you typically see.    Although

2016-12-23 Architecture - Fireplace grating:

First of all, allow me to apologize for the delayed response.  Although you were expecting a simple "yes" or "no" answer, I took too long to think about the potential liability while not knowing how careless


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