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2016-08-29 Fine Art - rembrandt:

Dear Brittany,    You have a reproduction print after the original painting that resides at the Staatliche Museum. Their name is on the back because they authorized the reproduction by allowing access

2016-08-28 Fine Art - Oil painting:

Dear Maryann,    I feel fairly certain your painting is by Leon Franks (Californian, 1914-1970). He signed with both Leon Franks and Franks. Comparing the signatures they appear correct for his work. The

2016-08-27 Fine Art - Robert cox painting:

Dear Mary,  I have a Robert Cox, (1934 - 2001), floral still life in my collection. He is an American artist who was active in California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Based on the photos; the style,

2016-08-06 Fine Art - James M Sessions Watercolor:

Dear Dee,    Session's original watercolor work is currently selling at auction in the $600-$1000 range. Since you have it unframed I would carefully roll and ship in a tube. His work is lovely and I would

2016-07-16 Fine Art - identification of artist:

Dear Angelina,    You have a limited edition lithograph print by Pati (Pat) Bannister called “Guinevere”. Guinevere was released in 1988 in a limited edition of 485. You did not mention if it had numbers


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