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2017-02-16 Food Safety Issues - refreezing:

Hi Mary,    Ham salad doesn't freeze well as mayonnase separates causing an unappetizing mixture.  It's not harmful...just not very appetizing when thawed.    You don't find mayonnaise-based salads frozen

2017-02-06 Mass Production Cooking - Granddaughters graduation:

Hi Penny!  If you review some of my previous answers, you'll find portioning advice I've given to others throwing a similar event.    The key to planning is starting with a calculator and arriving at your

2017-01-19 Running a Restaurant - how best to enter restaurant biz:

Hi Art,    Thank you for your question and I admire your willingness to assist your boyfriend. Your question is multifaceted and doesn't have an honest set of straight forward answers because they will

2017-01-16 Running a Restaurant - Food Court Concept:

Hi Ann,    I will do my best to help you. Food courts can be a great way to bring a new concept to the market, but are much more challenging to get into than most people realize.    Malls are looking for

2016-12-25 Bread & Pastries - rolls falling:

HI Walter:    OK...let's see:    1. has this recipe worked for you before?    2. Proofing at 100 degrees is way, way, way too temp is fine. the yeast ate itself to death!    3. I believe they


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