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2016-12-06 General Dating Questions - About a boy:

well, you had the misfortune of falling in love with a boy that doesn't love you; plus, even if it were MUTUAL, college changes everything; it's time to start removing your emotions from this--if it takes

2016-11-26 Abusive Relationships - Silent Treatment:

Hi Manuel, in answer to your question, it depends on how many more times you want to go through the pattern.  Unless people make fundamental heart changes when confronted with these kinds of things, the

2016-11-20 How to Strengthen Your Relationship - body language:

Hello again, Mark,    I'm sorry that this is what is going on in your relationship. It's frustrating and erodes confidence. You can't (shouldn't) continue like this. But, before you call it quits, I think

2016-11-18 General Dating Questions - kissing mess:

really?'re kissing someone you like and you're worried about this to the point you want to tell her what lipstick to wear?...sure anyone can change their mind, but why give her a reason to?....once

2016-11-17 General Dating Questions - wait it out or make a move?:

these are interesting little moments, but not much else; he's the guy, if he's interested, he'll figure out a way to make a move; if he doesn't, he's either not that interested or not prepared to date


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