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2017-03-24 How to Attract the Woman - Nice guy issues on first dates:

Hello Andy!    Since I'm not a fly on the wall during your dates, I can't say specifically what's going wrong. However, I know generally: you're ruining any value you bring and thus, these women aren't

2017-03-17 General Dating Questions - shall i follow my head or heart?:

Hello again Yooshi!    You claim you really love him. Fine, but if so, then you need to do the hard work and set him free to find what he wants and deserves in his life. You may feel guilty for not responding

2017-03-17 General Dating Questions - follow my head or heart?:

you're looking for a painless solution when none is available; if you go to the dentist to fix a tooth, expect some short term pain, followed by improvement--same here; if you know it's best to end it

2017-03-17 General Dating Questions - Moving in together, little white lies?:

Hello Tessa!    I don't know about you, but him buying you expensive gifts on only the 3rd date should be a huge, red flag. There's something very wrong here - both with him doing it and you accepting

2017-03-16 General Dating Questions - shall i follow my head or heart?:

Hello Yooshi!    The biggest problem you have here is that you can't be sure whether this is the right relationship for you or not. You have no other real experiences. Almost 40% of your life has been


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