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2016-10-22 How to Know if He/She - Do you think she is attracted to me?:

Hi Jason!    Thank you for writing in, and choosing me to answer your question. Let's dive right into it, shall we?    What her mixed signals boil down to is this:  from what you have shared with me in

2016-10-17 How to Strengthen Your Relationship - In Need of Counseling and Guidance:

Hi Gabriella;    Glad you wrote to me and are asking me advice. Your problem is doing too much in the relationship. We set things up according to our nature but then were not happy with the outcome. He

2016-10-12 General Dating Questions - Romantic:

true romance comes from within a person who sees beauty in the world and in the object of his affection and fascination, who pays attention to detail, who is comfortable within himself to be joyful and

2016-10-02 Long Distance Relationships - Will we last?:

time to accept the reality that first boyfriends aren't usually the last, and that it's time to move on; college changes everything--he's surrounded by females who are actually THERE in real life; he's

2016-09-28 How to Know if He/She - Interested?:

Hi Allison!    Yes, he's trying to be careful here, because it seems that he has an idea that you might be interested, but he's not 100% certain. He's kind of trying to gauge your interest and see where


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