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2017-04-13 General Dating Questions - Boyfriend moving in with me and other roommate:

you can't make personal life decisions based upon others will think; truly loving friends/family will still love and support even if they can't understand or agree with your choices; even though you didn't

2017-03-29 Abusive Relationships - my daughter:

I am so sorry to hear of this change in her circumstances.  However, as you have said, nothing has changed, so change nothing.  There is nothing you can do here.  You have spent all your money, you have

2017-03-28 General Dating Questions - Confused:

he explained the cut off, essentially saying he wants more than friends, or nothing, which is reasonable; the only way to measure the strength of your interest in the guy is to spend time with him; if

2017-03-28 How to Make the Right - First date issues:

Hi, Andy.     Of course every situation and every person are different but here are a few guidelines to follow:     1. Different dates and different women need a different approach. It really depends on

2017-03-27 General Dating Questions - Question.:

Hello,   This is a very important question. To properly deal with this you have to properly balance being respectful to your father and at the same time not doing something or marrying someone just to


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