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2017-01-17 General Dating Questions - Family or Love:

Hello Abby!    First, don't give you dad that much power over you. As you said, you're not becoming an adult. That means that you get to (have to?) make your own decisions about your life.    It's a good

2017-01-16 General Dating Questions - How to be assertive:

Hello again!    I never speculate about why people do, say or think anything. Frankly, there 1001 reasons why anyone would ever do anything! Maybe you should ask Carlos?    What I can say however is that

2017-01-11 General Dating Questions - How to be assertive:

Hello!    This is a great question, and one that many people struggle with.    At first, it seems that being assertive shouldn't be that tough. You just speak up for what you want. However, it's not at

2017-01-10 How to Strengthen Your Relationship - Should I attempt to reconcile with my ex wife:

Dear Andy,    I have given your question some serious thought and here is my perspective.  First, since you've only been divorced about a month, it's too soon to discuss reconciliation, as that will only

2017-01-09 Relationship Recovery and Resilience - Moving forward after Divorce:

Yes, I think you should get her out of your head and move on. Keep your relationship with your children but do not let her use the (fake) possibility of reconciliation to manipulate you. Try this visualization:


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