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2017-01-26 Respiratory Therapist - Chest and breathing pain after third hand smoke:

Hi Daniel,    Odds are just breathing in the stench of cigarettes did not cause any harm to your lungs, though it sounds like perhaps you are having a bit of either an allergic response to the proximity

2017-01-21 Asthma - High altitude asthma:

Hi Erik,       I have 2 approaches for you:  1) a small, portable oxygen unit with nasal insert. Use a fingertip pulse oximeter to monitor blood oxygen levels. Becomes significant below 92%. The Pulse

2017-01-17 Respiratory Therapist - Noise without a name:

This is called pursed lip breathing.  It is a form of breathing that people are taught to do when they have emphysema or other breathing disorders.  I can only tell you that if you are doing this in your

2017-01-17 Respiratory Therapist - Noise without a name:

If u are snoring in ur sleep,and u are overweight,losing even five pounds can help lesson this .A snore is a snore.I suggest you sleep on 2 pillows always to help the gag reflex.A snore occurs when the

2017-01-15 Asthma - Inhaler:

Dear, May!    Albuterol is an alpha blocker drug that influences in the autonomic nervous system and reduces bronchial spasms.  These types of the medications were developed in the England in 50s. At that


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