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2016-11-21 Respiratory Therapist - Insulation mask while doing yard work:

Hi Ben,    Thank you for entrusting me with your personal medical question! The quick and easy answer is YES, you should consider wearing a quality respirator mask while doing any house/yard work that

2016-11-20 Asthma - Red Blood Cells:

Dear, Gloria!    High red blood cell count and low white blood cells count can be your body’s compensation mechanism on the low oxygen blood level. We also cannot rule out the side effect of the medications

2016-11-17 Asthma - Red Blood Cells:

Dear, Gloria!    Your question “Should I be concerned.?” about “PFT of 45 percent” and “permanent Lung Damage.”  has only one answer “Yes, indeed.”     I do not know your age, lifestyle, medical history

2016-11-06 Asthma - asthama/ breathlessness:

Hello Haris,     The Inspirol inhaler should not cause any weight loss.       It seems as if your wife needs to be evaluated by a pulmonologist, as well as an internal medicine physician to find out exactly

2016-11-05 Asthma - asthama/ breathlessness:

Hello Haris,       From what I'm able to gather from your description, is that your wife may have chronic bronchitis, a condition of tissue swelling in the lungs with a lot of mucous to cough out. The


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