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2016-12-08 Psychics - Career:

Well dear Sara if you can take the job with this company go for it as it looked good stable and better money and I did not see you also suffer much social wise over there so sometimes you got to take a

2016-12-08 Psychics - relationship:

Dear Palwasha   unfortuantelly i did not see him getting ready for anything serious with you and I suggest you will be very clear with him that this is not going to happen as it can cause trouble for your

2016-12-08 Astrology - Job5:

Ruby    You are under mahadasha of Venus and pratyantar dasha of Venus is running. It will give good results. Be ready for few surprises in 2017. Income and gain would be ample in 2017.You may get opportunities

2016-12-08 Psychics - Career:

so if you want me to check if you shoudl take the other offer I need the name of the company that offer you this new job

2016-12-08 Psychics - Love life:

you keep ignoring my profile here- please go back to it and read it carefully  I dont do private sessions here  I dont answer more than one question free here  and if you want to get marry what is the


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