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2016-10-18 Psychics - Career and Love:

Dear Sophie  there is no doubt in me that you can be a great communicator and a good teacher for others and also might carry some musical talents however as I could not tell what was this chosen career

2016-10-18 Tarot Card Readings - Love:

The one Tarot card for you is The Star which says to you, yes!!! soon!!!! you will feel the connection between the both of you, like you've met in lives before, you'll know this by the level of comfort

2016-10-17 Psychics - Long distance relationship:

Dear Shelby  numerology wise this could be a great teaching spiritual bond but on the reality on daily base you and him could not sustain healthy long term relationship and not sure even if your LDR will

2016-10-17 Psychics - Long distanc relationship:

numerology wise these relationship are not looking like the best match ever and in fact there are chances they are working so fine becuase you dont have the time to check them on a long term daily base

2016-10-17 Psychics - Does this man love me:

Psychic Streams of Consciousness says he is not sure if he is to count himself lucky or not really hope just yet. My clairsentient feeling is that this relationship hasn't been given a chance to grow just


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