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2017-03-20 Psychics - New job:

Dear Lian  thanks for the explanation however unless you have certain plan or offer to work in gardening I suggest that you dont quit your other job just yet as I saw you can have some success with the

2017-03-19 Psychics - My Brother:

Dear Patricia  the tarot of your brother looked grave suggesting that not only he need some vitamin B and supplmenent as his body is in very fragile condition but also that it is mostly related to his

2017-03-19 Psychics - Career:

Pupul,    I don't know. This question depends on your networking and activity with on line searches.  But be sure that God has a plan for our life. Your direction of study has set you on the path for

2017-03-19 Astrology - MARITAL CLASHES:

Satya rani.. clashes are there. and he is running sade sath ( Elinati Sani)...But it may not go the extent of separation.  Any how I should see her chart also for depth.  As per his chart some clashes

2017-03-16 Psychics - Future:

Shane,  You will end up getting a out of wedlock child and a divorce if you are thinking so immaturely now.  You just got divorced and that has to have hurt and caused you some pain and distress. You need


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