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2016-11-07 Atheism - life:

Mohd:    Well, here's the thing. You talk about having a deity to rely on and supernatural help, but I don't accept that such things exist.  Even when I did believe in a deity, I never really saw any evidence

2016-11-01 Atheism - changing morals followup2:

I think the problem you're having is that you're insisting that everything be black and white, when the reality is that very few things in life are.    Is theft immoral? Easy to say yes, it is, because

2016-10-25 Atheism - changing morals - followup:

Once again, your initial question was about morality. And I stand by my statement that fear is not a moral guide. Fear of losing your job is not a question of morality, but of pragmatism. Same for fear

2016-10-17 Atheism - changing morals followup:

Don't confuse legality with morality. There are plenty of things that are illegal that are not immoral. And there are things that many people consider to be immoral that are not illegal.    For example

2016-09-19 Atheism - slavery:

Just a word of note: If you wish me to continue answering your questions I will expect you to give ratings for my answers as per the ratings choices. Is that understood?    I think an excellent book for


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