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2016-10-17 Atheism - changing morals followup:

Don't confuse legality with morality. There are plenty of things that are illegal that are not immoral. And there are things that many people consider to be immoral that are not illegal.    For example

2016-09-19 Atheism - slavery:

Just a word of note: If you wish me to continue answering your questions I will expect you to give ratings for my answers as per the ratings choices. Is that understood?    I think an excellent book for

2016-09-06 Atheism - changing morals - followup:

One of the problems that always creeps into a discussion of morality is the tendency to conflate terminology. You initially brought up morality and ethics. Invariably, however, the topic of law creeps

2016-09-04 Atheism - changing morals:

Amtry:    I'm certain I've answered this question before on AllExperts, but as the search function is currently glitchy, I can't find it to point you to it.  So here's my quick reply.    There are, when

2016-08-15 Atheism - further on morals:

As I pointed out earlier, it is not specifically "morals" (which has too great a generality), but practical, utilitarian ethics.    I noted:    "We can determine a relatively objective ethics (morality


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