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2016-09-19 Atheism - slavery:

Just a word of note: If you wish me to continue answering your questions I will expect you to give ratings for my answers as per the ratings choices. Is that understood?    I think an excellent book for

2016-09-06 Atheism - changing morals - followup:

One of the problems that always creeps into a discussion of morality is the tendency to conflate terminology. You initially brought up morality and ethics. Invariably, however, the topic of law creeps

2016-09-04 Atheism - changing morals:

Amtry:    I'm certain I've answered this question before on AllExperts, but as the search function is currently glitchy, I can't find it to point you to it.  So here's my quick reply.    There are, when

2016-08-15 Atheism - further on morals:

As I pointed out earlier, it is not specifically "morals" (which has too great a generality), but practical, utilitarian ethics.    I noted:    "We can determine a relatively objective ethics (morality

2016-07-28 Atheism - Miracles - Followup:

Doesn't change the gist of the argument at all. One finding at Duke U. - no confirmation as yet, and admittedly "based on circumstantial evidence".  Besides, millions have to have this organ removed each


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