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Back and Neck Injury/Chronic Pain

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2016-10-20 Chiropractors - Tight, extremely painful hips and lower back pain, locked up:

Jason this is a tough question mainly because I was not there when you rec'd the miracle treatment. I do have a few questions to ask you. Do you exercise regularly. I hope you answer yes. My next question

2016-10-18 Chiropractors - Skating Injury:

If you bruised the tailbone, it will the pain will go away if a few weeks. But you can also jam the spinal joints in the lower back with falls. If you have symptoms that continue in the next two weeks

2016-10-08 Joint Pain Relief - I'm having pain in my hip:

Hi Julie,    Sorry about your hip pain.  From your message, I'm not exactly sure of some of the details, but since I know your hip hurts, but as long as nothing is ripped or broken, then my free website

2016-10-04 Chiropractors - back injury:

Hello I know what its like to want to make a comeback so please realize no matter what you do Mother Nature may not agree with you.  You will need to absolutely solidify and buttress your core but the

2016-10-02 Chiropractors - Hand tingling:

Neurological symptoms should be observed closely to make sure there is continued improvement. I'm concerned that it doesn't get worse. You may have a combined injury, that must be addressed for treatment


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