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Back and Neck Injury/Chronic Pain

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2016-09-19 Back and Neck Injury - cracked sternum:

Hi Maria,    6 months is common for ligament and/or tendon injuries. Being that there were sterno-clavicular injuries, this brings about some necessity for therapeutic intervention; namely Physical Therapy

2016-09-17 Joint Pain Relief - flexor carpi ulnaris Pain:

Hi Derrick,    Sorry to hear about the wrist.  Thanks to your very precise description, I do think I can show you how to fix your issue.    I think what probably happened is that muscle was already a bit

2016-09-16 Chiropractors - Bad Bruising:

Patricia        Glad I was able to help. You will want to wear 50spf on your face and perhaps your arms. These are the areas that are most exposed. Your back and thighs have a large surface area so there

2016-09-15 Chiropractors - Bad Bruising:

Patricia first of all congratulations on your upcoming wedding. May you and your husband have a long healthy life. As a chiropractor who utilizes many soft tissue methods I have seen bruising post treatment

2016-09-07 Joint Pain Relief - Exercising after lumbar spinal fusion:

Hi Marlene,     No, sorry.  No CD's available.  Some folks watch on their phone if that's an option.  Other folks print out the entire page, where I list every technique I do under each video.  If you


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