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Back and Neck Injury/Chronic Pain

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2017-02-19 Concussions - Head and Neck - hit head neck and back hurt:

Carolyn,    A head or neck injury can be very serious and you should always treat it as such until you know that it is okay.   Any lingering symptoms is certainly a sign that you were hurt.   It would

2017-01-23 Pain Management - help--sick 3+ months, no one helping:

Hello!    I am sorry for your problem. It's more common than the official medicine is ready to recognize and due to my professional work and affiliation I am ready to suspect that your symptoms and the

2017-01-18 Back and Neck Injury - back popping:

Sorry to answer your question so late, but I only now got the email from allexperts.  It could very well be that you have herniated a disc in your back... the best way to determine that would be to an

2017-01-12 Living With Disabilities - SSDI:

Hi Christy,    This is a common problem, and the loss of disability income creates a disincentive for folks to earn more money. However, in many states they have created ways to offer incentives for people

2016-12-25 Joint Pain Relief - Hip Pain:

HI Dave,    I find in situations like yours that you want to create as much space and freedom in the joint as you can, so releasing any tight soft-tissue would be the main priority.  Strengthening exercises


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