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2016-10-23 Celibacy/Abstinence - A few questions regarding Brahmacharya,forgiveness,temple and mantras:

1. Things happen when the time is ripe.    2. When the Ego is dissolved, the Atman (self) is revealed. The Ego is dissolved through Sadhana (effort) and through HIS grace. Wearing external accessories

2016-10-21 Celibacy/Abstinence - Continuous Falls:

Do the suggested Yoga Sadhana in totem, with a complete sense of surrender to the Lord. The urge within, for establishing should be as strong as that of a drowning man trying to swim back. When one puts

2016-10-20 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STD ? Very concerned!:

Hello Merk,   If these bumps are new, than they need to be more closely examined by a knowledgeable health care provider to rule out flat warts.  However not all bumps are warts, and these may be related

2016-10-19 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Sexual Disease could it be HPV?:

Hello Mark,   Warts are growths of tissue caused by human papilloma virus.  So all warts are caused by HPV, by definition.  However not all growths are warts.  Without talking to the doctor who made the

2016-10-18 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - bumps in my urethra. hpv?:

Hello M. Lewis,  The bumps you have inside your urethra are warts caused by HPV, and require treatment with one of several different methods, which you should discuss with your health care provider. She


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