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2016-12-09 Celibacy/Abstinence - Somebody tried to wake me up:

It is generally a signal from the Atman within, urging the aspirant to wake up and do Sadhana. It occurs to certain aspirants. Do your Sadhana regularly and there will be no problems.    <b>ॐ त

2016-12-09 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Birthmark looking on Penis Head & Shaft:

Hello John,   Birthmarks usually are noticed at birth! Your attributing the red area as a "birthmark" that you've never noticed before now does not support your belief that it is a birthmark.  Thinner

2016-12-08 Celibacy/Abstinence - The Practice for a nascent yogi:

1. The 'Mumukshu' (one who is in the quest of the self) works without desire in the profession shown by destiny and stays content with the resultant lawful earnings (accepting them as the will of the Lord)

2016-12-07 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Warts?:

Hello Again, Antonio,  Verruca vulgaris is a wart caused by a different strain of HPV.  You may get a biopsy if you are trying to determine exactly what it is.  Alternatively, your goal is to get rid of

2016-12-06 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Ummm?!? HELP!!!:

Hi Again, Jan,  Initial outbreaks of herpes usually takes a few days to show up after initial exposure. "Yesterday" doesn't qualify.  You never mentioned whether you EVER had herpes in the past. Herpetic


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