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2017-02-17 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - STD question:

Hello Tom,     I see from the photographs, that your penis is uncirc'd, and the red dots appear to be on both the head (glans) and distal shaft where the foreskin would cover.  Uncircumcised penises have

2017-02-15 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Rash on penis:

Hello Albert,  I cannot second guess doctors who are already examined and diagnosed you since their evaluation is almost more precise and more effective than a few photographs.      However, I do see from

2017-02-15 Celibacy/Abstinence - Query on Shirshasana:

1. Yoga is a perfect science. It is to be done right, under proper guidance from an adept.    2. One should start holding an Asana pose for a few seconds only. Gradually, the duration can be increased

2017-02-14 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Is this normal:

Hello Terry,  I would recommend  you talking with and being examined by your gynecologist.  Although it does NOT look like warts and it could be a normal variation, it does look like a prolapse of the

2017-02-13 Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Penis is what's wrong please help:

Hello Anonymous,  Persistently itchy rashes on penis and other skin areas sounds like bug bites.  Scabies is a microscopic bug that burrows and lives under the skin and sometimes causes bumps and usually


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