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2016-12-25 Bread & Pastries - rolls falling:

HI Walter:    OK...let's see:    1. has this recipe worked for you before?    2. Proofing at 100 degrees is way, way, way too temp is fine. the yeast ate itself to death!    3. I believe they

2016-11-13 Bread & Pastries - freezing dough:

Hi Darlene...    Yes. The only problem with freezing on a cookie sheet or tupperware is the amount of moisture laden air  you will freeze along with it.    Th moisture in the air will get to it's dew point

2016-11-12 Desserts - Split cake:

Dear James,    In fact, there is!  It's really quite simple; easier with a square or rectangle than a circle, but definitely do-able.    Put a piece of metal, plastic, covered cardboard (with tin foil

2016-11-12 Bread & Pastries - freezing dough:

Hi Darlene:    Short answer:  yes!     You can freeze the chunky type cookies, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, by scooping out the portion and putting them in a freezer bag, removing as much air as possible

2016-10-23 Bread & Pastries - Mix:

Hi James:    Yes it is different from wheat flour in that it has no gluten forming structure.    In this mix are things like rice flour etc that have no gluten.    Read the instructions and use it like


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