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2016-11-26 Creditors and Bankruptcy - Interest Rate:

Interest rates on older model used cars generally run very high because the loans are risky for the lender. That's because older cars require repairs and maintenance that lower income persons can ill afford

2016-11-06 Creditors and Bankruptcy - When a person becomes eligible for Medicare at age 65:

Here is an article that may be of some help.   My initial impression is that you are overly concerned with the threat of recoupment of medicare costs by the federal government.    First of all, since the

2016-10-15 Financing -- Loans - Why is it better to pay off a mortgage in 30 years:

Good question...    Answer is dependent on what you believe, that is, what does the future look like?    I believe higher interest rates are in the offing.  So, low current mortgage rate, but higher mortgage

2016-10-02 Real Estate Home Mortgages - Refinance - owe more than valued at:

Joseph,    You could possibly refinance and reduce your payments if your existing loan qualifies for the HARP program. The HARP refinancing program was started in April 2009. While the Government calls

2016-09-07 Creditors and Bankruptcy - File for bankruptcy:

Hi Michelle:  This is a good news, bad news situation.    IRS taxes are sometimes dischargeable in a Chapter 7, but it depends on the circumstances.   What kind of tax, how many years has it been due,


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