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2017-01-12 Commercial Real Estate Investment - Diffrences in Summary:

Hello, Eric.    'Pro forma' summaries generally include the rent rolls and expenses for a property.     Rent rolls should contain the names of all tenants, the lease dates (commencement and expiration)

2016-12-22 Real Estate Home Mortgages - Capital gains tax:

Pablo,    The capital gain calculation for most real estate transactions is:    Sales price (minus sale expenses, such as realtor's commission, escrow, fix-up)      Less    Purchase price (plus any capital

2016-12-18 Real Estate Home Mortgages - Offset mortgage:

I am sorry for the late reply.  I have been out for the holidays.      The question you are asking about really comes down to personal preference.  Good arguments can be made for placing the money in a

2016-11-26 Creditors and Bankruptcy - Interest Rate:

Interest rates on older model used cars generally run very high because the loans are risky for the lender. That's because older cars require repairs and maintenance that lower income persons can ill afford

2016-11-06 Creditors and Bankruptcy - When a person becomes eligible for Medicare at age 65:

Here is an article that may be of some help.   My initial impression is that you are overly concerned with the threat of recoupment of medicare costs by the federal government.    First of all, since the


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