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2017-02-06 Real Estate Home Mortgages - reverse mortgage:

The home would stay in her name the whole time, a reverse mortgage places a lien against the home just like with other mortgages, the difference being of course that there is no payment requirements as

2017-02-01 Creditors and Bankruptcy - Credit Advice Please:

Dear Mary,    I really am sorry that you have been hit with so many different problems. But I'm glad that your health and income is improving. Let's attack these problems one by one.    Let's begin with

2017-01-23 Creditors and Bankruptcy - Filing for bankruptcy in absentia:

Now that you have described the facts more clearly, you will have no problem going ahead and filing now before you go.          As for excusing your personal attendance at the creditors meeting, that also

2017-01-23 Creditors and Bankruptcy - Filing for bankruptcy in absentia:

Hi Louis:     Is the one filing for bankruptcy  a person that resides or has a domicile, a place of business, or property in the United States?    If so, the answer is definitely yes, the person (attorney

2017-01-12 Commercial Real Estate Investment - Diffrences in Summary:

Hello, Eric.    'Pro forma' summaries generally include the rent rolls and expenses for a property.     Rent rolls should contain the names of all tenants, the lease dates (commencement and expiration)


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