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2017-03-26 Financing -- Loans - Bad company Carfinco:

I would recommend getting an attorney and finding out if the bankruptcy laws can be used in your favor.    Perhaps, not even filing bankruptcy, but having your attorney threaten the possibility of    

2017-03-26 Financing -- Loans - Bad company Carfinco:

Dear Elizabeth,    I am very sorry you are experiencing such difficulties with   this  company.  In my own experience, I have had more complaints   about this company, Carfinko, than any other company

2017-02-27 Commercial Real Estate Investment - Commercial Lease:

No, your lease is probably not invalid because there was no formal request for a substitution of lessee. Aside from the guarantor, however, your remedies are initially limited to the assets of the corporation

2017-02-06 Real Estate Home Mortgages - reverse mortgage:

The home would stay in her name the whole time, a reverse mortgage places a lien against the home just like with other mortgages, the difference being of course that there is no payment requirements as

2017-02-01 Creditors and Bankruptcy - Credit Advice Please:

Dear Mary,    I really am sorry that you have been hit with so many different problems. But I'm glad that your health and income is improving. Let's attack these problems one by one.    Let's begin with


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