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2017-02-20 Food Safety Issues - Bone disc on ham:

Hi Janet, are not the only person to miss removing the piece of plastic which protects the bone from breaking the packaging.  I've been asked this question many times.    According to the Food

2017-02-19 Food Safety Issues - Opened can of sliced mangos:

Hi Bev,    Fruits don't have to be refrigerated to stay safe to consume as their pH doesn't support the growth of harmful bacteria. This is why fruit pies can safely be stored at room temperature.    It

2017-02-16 Food Safety Issues - refreezing:

Hi Mary,    Ham salad doesn't freeze well as mayonnase separates causing an unappetizing mixture.  It's not harmful...just not very appetizing when thawed.    You don't find mayonnaise-based salads frozen

2016-12-24 Food Safety Issues - Precooked meat package:

Sorry this took so long to answer. I have been away and I forgot to inactivate my account while I was gone. Your product should be safe to eat as long as you kept it refrigerated. The swelling could be

2016-12-09 Food Safety Issues - food poisioning:

I don't think this is food poisoning because the onset of your symptoms was so quick. It could be an allergic reaction to something in the food. There is a slight risk it was mold on the mushrooms so i


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