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2017-03-09 Nail Care & Manicures - Prosthetic Toenail:

Hi Hannah,  Thank you for your email, I understand that you had part of your toenail surgically removed and the nail bed didn't grow back normally. I am certified with LCN to do gel prosthetic toenails

2017-03-04 Hairstyling - Hair texture:

Rachel,    Although I have seen this type of thing happen many times, I must apologize, as I have no idea why.  Often Chemotherapy is the culprit, but I will assume that that is not a factor here. It is

2017-02-12 Nail Care & Manicures - Gel artificial nails:

They're strong in different ways. Gel is a softer, more flexible plastic than acrylic. It works better for some people and not as well for others. If you wear your nails short, you probably won't have

2017-02-11 Hairstyling - Can i permanently curl my hair right after rebonding? I want my hair to look pretty when i curl it. Is it okay? Or it will just damagrd my hair?:

Sim,    I must say that I am always confused when someone wants to perm there hair after just having it permanently straightened. That said, as long as your hair is not damaged, it can be permed for whatever

2017-02-01 Hairstyling - Color/bleach on level 5:

Jeanne,     The first thing your client will have to understand is that unfortunately, we cannot fully reproduce the look of natural grey salt and pepper hair. Judge Gorsuch is heavily grey. I will assume


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