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2016-10-08 Nail Care & Manicures - Manicure treatments:

Lisa, thank you for contacting all My name is Pamela Golightly I have been a natural nail care specialist for 30 plus years. The importance I'm not real sure about your question but most important

2016-10-01 Hair Color - Roots colour:

Ash,  Sorry for the delay. I have been traveling , and didn't see this. In truth, I would consider a professional tube color. While the box dyes make claims that they will last several weeks, nothing is

2016-09-20 Hair Color - Hair color faded. What now?:

Hi Alison,    We use 10v for deposit only, but you need to be at least less than 50% gray. Anything after that, we recommend 20v for total coverage, and sometimes it does give you a slight lift, depending

2016-09-16 Hairstyling - Bleach starting to burn badly:

Mason,    I am not an advocate of anything that speeds up the process, as it usually increases the irritation as well.     I would definitely suggest getting away from full head bleach. A heavy foiling

2016-09-15 Hairstyling - Bleach starting to burn badly:

Mason,     Firstly, I hope your colorist is using 30 and not something higher to get the lift you want from your natural level, or worse yet, processing your lightener under a dryer or other heat source


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