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2016-09-21 Beverages - Beam's Deluxe Bourbon:

Hi Tom    Distilled spirits like this are so high in alcohol that they don't change much, for better or for worse, over time.  The good news is that this is perfectly good to drink.  The bad news is that

2016-08-27 Beverages - Old whiskey value?:

Hi Tim    That's cool.  I thought that might be the case....because the packaging reflects some of those older regulations.  The liquid inside still isn't truly a treasure--it's just good whiskey.  But

2016-08-27 Beverages - Old whiskey value?:

Hi Tim    This is an interesting one.  I wish I could see/read the date stamp on the One pint strip that seals the bottle.  That's the only place I know that would give us a firm date for this bottling

2016-08-15 Beer - bevador beer cooler:

Hi Paul,    I'm familiar with those old Bevadors...very cool and retro.    That said, I don't really think they have as much value as "beer collectibles," as they do antiques. As a collector of all things


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