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2017-03-12 Mutual Funds - Mutual Fund Expense Ratio:

Hi. The expense ratio of mutual funds comes out of performance. In other words, if a fund returns 10% and the expense ratio is .50%, then the net return that gets reported to the investor and the investor

2017-02-14 Mutual Funds - gifting:

Thank you for your query. I am no tax attorney, thus cannot furnish you with  this kind of advice.  You may want to discuss the issue with your registered rep at Edward Jones Rising Funds and with your

2017-02-08 Beginner Investing - stock brokers:

Randy,    Thank you for your question!    Typically the account would be transferred to another brokerage firm. Here is a great explanation of that on the FINRA website, which is the organization that

2017-01-29 Beginner Investing - Choosing stocks for a beginner:

Hi Gary,    I am sorry but I do not know much about stock opportunities in medical marijuana.  Penny stock are risky and would be most suitable for experienced investors with a very high risk tolerance

2016-12-27 Beginner Investing - Bonds:

Kenneth,    Thank you for your question. There are two ways to earn income from bonds: The bond yield is one. This is usually very stable source of income. The other is the price of the bond. The value


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