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2017-03-23 Biology - How does a egg know its been fertilized?:

Hi Dan   AS you know all physiological activities depend the actions of enzymes and the activation of fertilization is no exception. There ore number of reactions that must occur before the egg is activated

2017-03-19 Biology - Birds which cannot fly database.:

Hi Prashant;    Although people consider all birds as flying animals, there  are over 60 species of flightless birds. They occur in just about all Families of Aves. Most common are the Ostrich, emu and

2017-03-18 Zoology - whats eating our garden:

Hi Nick   Without further information I can only make a guess and if happens at dusk or early nightfall I suspect you are the victim of  Odocoieleus viginianus, The White Tail Deer.  They love fresh veggies

2017-03-15 Computational Biology / Bioinformatics - Next Generation Seq:

Sharah,      1. GATK (Genome Analysis Tool Kit) provides a good guidelines for filtering variants. For sufficiently large dataset you can use the VQSR  for filtering (

2017-03-13 Biology - Species seeing in the dark.:

1. If you are talking about the absence of all light and an image perceiving eye then there are no animals that can "see" in the dark. Animals with developed eyes that spend time in very dim lights use


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