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2016-12-01 Evolution - Help:

All cells have cell membranes, and the membranes are flexible.     So animal cells can have various shapes, but plant cells only have the shapes of their cell walls.     That's nice for plants, because

2016-11-30 Hematology - Does supplemental iron affect hebaglobin immediately?:

Christine,  I believe you mean it has 18 mg of elemental iron right? That would be pretty less and may not reflect any immediate change in blood work. A dose of 200 mg of elemental iron/day can show immediate

2016-11-27 Hematology - Blood test results:

Anthony,  Amoxicillin can reduce wbc, neutrophil, platelet count, and increase eosinophil count. But lowering lymphocte count is not its adverse effect. So stop worrying and such minor variation isnt significant

2016-11-22 Hematology - Blood test results:

Anthony,  Normally when there is bacterial infection, there is increase in production of neutrophiles and lymphocyte count reduces accordingly. So I think the slight reduction in absolute lymphocyte count

2016-11-17 Zoology - Food Chains/Webs:

Hi Keyur   Three good questions  1.The relationships to any species are intertwined so all creatures with a relationship to an animal that disappears from a food web are affected. For example say that


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