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Blindness/Visual Impairment

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2017-03-14 Ophthalmology & Optometry - PVD:

Dear Tina.  It is prudent to avoid super strenuous activities like you  Mention for a month or two following the onset of PVDs.  If you develop more flashes or floaters or  Lose vision in a specific quadrant

2017-02-21 Ophthalmology & Optometry - Mirror vision:

You're description of a mirror image where you get letters underneath the primary letters sounds like either you are mildly out of focus, have true diplopia ( double vision) , or have a corneal or retinal

2017-02-15 Ophthalmology & Optometry - PVD:

You need to wait at least 6 months before considering anything invasive as most patients notice less issues with floaters from PVD over time.  Swirls, clouds, shadows, can be annoying but usually become

2017-02-01 Ophthalmology & Optometry - OCT v/s Gonioscopy:

With regards to glaucoma, the lower the pressure, the less likely for progression of damage.  If the pressure gets too low (under 5, in general), there could be other complications - so you don't want

2017-02-01 Ophthalmology & Optometry - Sunglasses:

Hi Amy,  In the older days, it was found that people like the darkest of any tested color, and the best color was a 'gray-green' that was marketed at the Bausch and Lomb G15.  it was a 15% transmittance


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