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Blindness/Visual Impairment

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2016-10-18 Ophthalmology & Optometry - Proceed with Peripheral Iridotomy?:

Yes .  If you have narrow angles and you intraocular pressures creep up over 20, and pachymetry reveals thin corneas, then laser PI at this point is the treatment of choice, both to lower your pressure

2016-10-12 Ophthalmology & Optometry - keratonus:

Dear Sherin   Hypotonic c3r is recommended on corneas thinner then 400microns. This technique was under trials 5 years ago that is why your doctor didn't perform c3r as the UV Ray's used for this treatment

2016-10-08 Ophthalmology & Optometry - eyeglass strength:

If that is your prescription pictured, you need to go to a qualified Optical Shop. The doctor  s Rx is meant to be filled by a qualified professional, not by the purchase of dept store glasses.  They will

2016-10-06 Ophthalmology & Optometry - New prescription glasses make me feel dizzy/nauseous:

Jason,    Thank you for your question. I really like this kind of question because in the end you have become more informed about your health care decisions simply by having one man behind the curtain

2016-09-27 Ophthalmology & Optometry - eyes pain:

Manish,    I understand how you might make the connection of increased cell phone use to the pain you are having, and it may be possible, but I have never heard of anything that suggests a connection that


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