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2017-03-23 Plant Diseases - Avocado tree dying:

Hi,  The tree is dying from all the rain, they can not sit in water.  The black leaf ends tell you that it is rotting also the bark pealing.  I see some new growth coming and it could mean the tree is

2017-03-04 Plant Diseases - Pittosporum disease:

Dear Ted, There are a few reasons that some branches of any shrub may die off.  If this only happens occasionally, then I would suspect this is nothing to worry about.  If this is happening pretty often

2017-02-27 Plant Diseases - wireworms:

Onwell:    Unfortunately, my background in insects is quite limited. Historically Sevin (carbaryl) has been used extensively on vegetables.  Check the label for the specifics. Also check in with your local

2017-02-27 Plant Diseases - wire worm:

Dear Onwell, Wireworms can be a very difficult pest to control, and unfortunately, there aren't very many effective controls for them.  In future, try to prevent them by tilling the soil over to help expose

2017-02-27 Horticulture - wireworms:

Check the label, donít use if it is off label. I found this on the net.    Apply a pesticide that contains chlorpyrifos or is otherwise labeled for wireworm control in the home garden according to manufacturer's


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