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2017-01-25 Plant Diseases - greenhouse tomatoes:

Greg:    The symptoms that you describe could most likely be either an injury from contact from a toxic material OR a possible virus infection.  A representative symptomatic plant sample would have to

2017-01-23 Plant Diseases - coco plums:

Debbie:    I do not recognize a particular infectious disease from your photo.      Copper fungicides can be effective for many foliar diseases of ornamentals, but can also cause some injury if not mixed

2017-01-22 Plant Diseases - coco plums:

Hi Debbie:    Thanks for your question.  Can you send me a couple of photos of the affected plants? Try to include a closeup of a group of leaves with the representative spots that you are concerned about

2017-01-22 Plant Diseases - Please help:

Dear Clayton, It seems that you have several of these Tillandsia plants attached to the wood and some of them have become unattached.  It also looks like some of the roots may have been knocked off as

2017-01-21 Plant Diseases - coco plums:

Hi Debbie,  I would recommend Atomic Grow, which is organic and will make the hedges healthy by raising the brix in the plant which is the sugar level.  Atomic Grow is made from food.  It is a concentrate


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