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2016-09-01 Plant Diseases - Trouble with Spruces:

This maybe the problem  I would water once a week and water with two gals Do this If it does not rain that week. This will take care of the

2016-08-26 Plant Diseases - Madagascar palm:

Dear Sean, That is a very impressive pachypodium or Madagascar palm.  I was very surprised to see the hole near the top, but it is actually not too uncommon.  This happens a lot with extremely spiky plants

2016-08-25 Plant Diseases - root damage:

Dear Vivek, For the clay soil areas, the only real solution will be to drain the water away from the trees by a series of small trenches.  The trenches or canals will drain the water away from the area

2016-08-18 Plant Diseases - Splitting Bark on ornamental Maple:

Robert:    Your photos represent damage done to the bark.  These splits may be mechanical or weather related. On thin barked trees such as many maples, frost/heat cracks can develope as a result of weather

2016-08-11 Horticulture - potato toxicity:

Like you I have always been told the sprouts are toxic. I found this information. I have no direct knowledge of this. Sorry for the delay. Feel free to contact me directly and I will try to answer questions


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