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2017-01-16 Ferns - Fern austral gem:

Austral gem is a fantastic houseplant.  It is very durable and attractive. It is a sterile hybrid, so it will not produce spores or be messy. It is also highly dimorphic, which means there are two distinct

2017-01-12 Plant Diseases - lemon tree:

Hi Cheryl,  Sounds like you bought a house that had lemon trees on it.  You can not make it sweeter, but it is possible that it is rough lemon which was a root stock for lemon trees.  It is grafted onto

2016-12-31 Ferns - Fungicide:

The potential for toxicity will vary with type of fungicide, means of application, plant age and health, environmental conditions, and other factors.  Generally, I would say that if you are using a fungicide

2016-12-29 Plant Diseases - Bamboo leaves drooping.:

Hi Samrat,  I grow bamboo in the US in Sarasota, FL, and I can tell you only what I know as I do not know about India. With that being said, bamboo loves water, the more you water it, the more it grows

2016-12-26 Ferns - Fungicide:

Generally speaking, ferns are more likely to be sensitive to fungicides than higher plants.  This applies both to commercial products and home solutions.  However, not all fungicides are toxic to all ferns


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