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2017-02-25 Bowling - Drillings:

Louis,  No, not really. The whole idea of an asymmetric core, is to have a stronger effect from the core of the ball.     If you put a favorite/strong layout in an asymmetric ball it would be exponentially

2017-02-10 Bowling - Switch from full roller to 3/4 roller:

Dave J,  Worked with full roller bowlers for years, I've found without a very compelling   Reminder, like a rigid wrist device, like the old Cobra gloves with the extended   Metal finger, it's very difficult

2017-01-23 Bowling - A little hook:

Lulu,  Can't see how the ball is rolling by the pictures, but it is as vanilla and basic a layout as it can be at first glance.     I suspect that ball weight is letting you down, 35 pounds plus of pins

2017-01-21 Bowling - A little hook:

Lulu,  What ball are you bowling with? Is it shiny or dull? How is the grip positioned to the center of gravity, top of the core, and mass bias? (A picture would help, gripping holes to camera).     The

2017-01-04 Bowling - EQUIPMENT:

Herb,   Thanks for the follow-up info. Negative in a layout often gets the ball to read the lane VERY early, not a solution, unless you are going for a roll out shot.     Your closer track flares suggest


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