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2016-09-03 Bowling - Drilling:

Vince,  Professional bowlers are among the most consistent, most accurate players on the planet. They use changes in speed, rotation and tilt to create different ball motions. Often you will see similar

2016-09-03 Bowling - ball:

Ed,  Your old ball probably does NOT fit well, considering where you got it and the house ball gives you a feeling of more control because of the weight (and smaller gripping holes).     You're investing

2016-09-02 Bowling - time for a new ball:

Ed,  Ball fit is about comfort and a "relaxed" feel. The ball should literally just hang from your hand. An older ball usually reflects older ideas in fit techniques. Modern fitting should vastly improve

2016-07-22 Bowling - Collier grip:

Clarence,  Ask your local ball drillers if they are familiar with an off-set thumb. Similar concept. The conventional grip, to the second knuckle, would allow more control, if speed is an issue. How fast


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