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2017-01-04 Bowling - EQUIPMENT:

Herb,   Thanks for the follow-up info. Negative in a layout often gets the ball to read the lane VERY early, not a solution, unless you are going for a roll out shot.     Your closer track flares suggest

2016-12-31 Bowling - blind bowlers:

Warren,  It would be ideal for that to be the case, but the machine is set up to show as close to the score needed as possible.     It is a machine and a complicated software improvement for a small problem

2016-11-07 Bowling - EQUIPMENT:

Herb,  First, if you swing the ball, it covers more boards and would be picked up by the lane devices as rolling slower than straight down the lane trajectory. If I can't get accurate information, I can't

2016-11-01 Bowling - EQUIPMENT:

Herb,   Actual ball speed (stopwatch or other device?) or from the score console above the lane?     Where are you trying to play? Straight down the lane or more across the center of the lane, out to the


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