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2016-11-01 Bowling - EQUIPMENT:

Herb,   Actual ball speed (stopwatch or other device?) or from the score console above the lane?     Where are you trying to play? Straight down the lane or more across the center of the lane, out to the

2016-10-20 Bowling - New bowling ball hurts my hand and would pull me across foul line:

DaRenda,    Take it back. Tell the guy what's going on. If you've not had experience with a proper fit, you will struggle mightily when what you think fits is a house ball!!!      House balls demand that

2016-10-06 Bowling - ball reccomendation:

Gary,   A three piece ball like the cores in the rubber and plastic would   cause the least early hook. So a urethane ball like the Storm Mix or  Columbia 300 Scout (reactive) could help the ball finish

2016-10-05 Bowling - columbia yellow dot bowling ball:

Anthony,  Columbia 300 dated the serial number with first digit being the last digit of the year. 6 being 201(6), 200(6), 199(6), 198(6), 197(6), etc. I'd suspect if yours is a bleeder, very dark almost

2016-10-04 Bowling - ball reccomendation:

Gary,  You can't be throwing the ball 10 mph, that's longer than 3 seconds for it to hit the pins!!! Don't look at the measurement devices on the scoring screen, they are seldom accurate. What balls are


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