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Bipolar Disorder

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2016-11-26 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - obsessiveness?:

Hi, Sam, thanks for your questions. There are no easy and simple answers, but here are some initial thoughts. I recommend that you go to therapy for full and complete answers to 'life questions' such as

2016-11-25 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Mass insanity:

yea, well it is extremely unlikely that mental illness could be passed from one person to another. However, beliefs can be, and faulty beliefs are a part of mental illness generally. e.g., the recent wave

2016-11-23 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Psychology:

Hi, Claire, thanks for your questions. You asked,      "What is the psychological definition of "insanity?" "  ---- there is not any such definition in psychology      "Do you believe that licensed psychologists

2016-11-19 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - BPD:

Hi Sophia    Yes, you have atypical BPD.     Thanks for asking us, good luck, and good bye.    Alan          Well, what use was that answer?    Seriously, I'd like to avoid answering your question

2016-11-16 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - anxiety and feelings of guilt:

Thought patterns that develop gradually are unlikely to be subject to an overnight change, no matter what or who is the change agent. That means that you should expect to invest some time into coming back


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