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Bipolar Disorder

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2016-10-21 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - sleep weather and mindset:

Hello Nizami    The answer is not in medicines, whether costly or not. Nor in tea, which is a diuretic, therefore causing frequent urination. One or maybe two a day is enough.  And certainly not in cigarettes

2016-10-18 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - S/s of anxiety disorder?:

Rebecca,    I'm so sorry to hear about what you are experiencing. I too am glad that you are not feeling depressed. I truly think the best person to ask about this is your physician or psychiatrist who

2016-10-13 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Borderline personality disorder:

Simran,    Borderline personality disorder can develop in individuals who have experienced traumatic childhoods and neglect, as you mentioned. It is also believed that there is a genetic disposition that

2016-10-12 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - my relationship:

Hi, Melanie, thanks for your question. I don't really have any advice or suggestions, because there is no way I could know enough about the situation or your goals. I do have some thoughts, though. IMO

2016-10-12 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Eye contact, one or two?:

Hello to you Ahmad    It's simple.  As for item 1, what you read was totally -- completely -- false and without any foundation at all, not to mention foolish and silly.    As for where to look exactly


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