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Bipolar Disorder

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2016-09-16 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Anti social:

Hi, thanks for your questions. You asked,    Surely people can fit these qualifications and not be a sociopath, or am I wrong?  ---- the problem with laypeople trying to use diagnostic criteria is that

2016-09-11 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Beauty:

Hi, James, I don't know of any websites where there are "experts" on beauty. I do know that there is some psychological research in the area. My understanding of the research is that people mostly agree

2016-08-11 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Psychiatrist or Psychologist:

You can talk with either about anything, Mary. The differences are subtle.    As a physician, a psychiatrist can prescribe medications (for instance, anti-anxiety), and can admit to a hospital or facility

2016-08-05 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - Question about triggering depression:

Arpan, I would need to know a little more in order to comment.  For instance, unfamiliar with Indian names, I don't know if you're male or female. Are you in school?  Living at home? What is your concern

2016-08-02 Psychiatry & Psychology--General - daughter and her father:

Support his instincts not to be with the child at bath time or similar times. If he was molested he is afraid of his own loss of boundaries. Encourage other forms of quality time like reading to her, playing


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