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Breast Cancer

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2016-12-03 Oncology (General Cancer) - lesions on the glans:

Unfortunately pictures do not tell enough! So I strongly suggest that you let a doctor - best a skin doctor a dermatologist - check you soonest! Good luck!        You can also reach me at: http://www.liveperson

2016-12-03 Breast Cancer - Brca:

First of all, talcum powder most probably does not cause ovarian cancer.  Second, I do not think testing is necessary since I do agree with the doctors you have already talked to. However since this matter

2016-12-03 Radiology - Abdominal and pelvis ct scan:

Hello, Jessica.    Don't worry about it this weekend. This is not an emergency. If your doctor can't explain these results to you, make an appointment for a consultation with a different doctor about your

2016-12-01 Oncology (General Cancer) - Swollen hard occipital lymph nodes.:

Without examining you I can't really tell what is going on.  IF however you have an area that is clearly getting larger, I would strongly advise a needle biopsy if the MRI you had does not suggest that

2016-11-24 Oncology (General Cancer) - Diagnosis of cancer:

Sorry about that! Based on these findings the most probable sources would be her gastro-intestinal tract and her gynecological area though other areas are also possible. I do suggest that her doctors should


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