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Breast Cancer

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2017-03-23 Oncology (General Cancer) - Detoxification:

Yes there are chemical compounds around that may cause problems. But they are often - not always - so diluted that it is most improbable that they will cause any problems. An example. Most people would

2017-03-18 Radiology - spinal MRI for sciatica:

Hello, WindyCityGal.    Your physician will know which part of your LS-spine to image. And if (s)he didn't order the best exam for your symptoms, a good MRI tech may consult with your doctor to suggest

2017-03-12 Oncology (General Cancer) - Flow Cytometry:

Veryfew things - if any at all - can be diagnosed with just one test. You usually have to complement with more tests to be sure of a diagnosis so also here. Not even a leukemia - far less a lymphoma -

2017-03-11 Oncology (General Cancer) - Mole? Melanoma?:

The picture does not permit a certain diagnosis. But given the circumstances and where you live I strongly suggest that you let a doctor - a skin specialist  -check this problem soonest! Good luck!   

2017-03-05 Oncology (General Cancer) - Throat/Voice box:

This is actually a question for an expert of ear-nose-and-throat surgery so it should be directed to such an expert here since it is outsider My Fields of expertise here! Good luck!          You can also


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