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Breast Cancer

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2017-04-17 Breast Cancer - Pain in Right Breast:

You are also rather young for a breast cancer. Your risk is small but it is not 0. And it is clear that this worries you! So even if there is no family history and you are quite young the best way to be

2017-03-30 Oncology (General Cancer) - cancer?:

Certainly what's going on is worrisome.  However, your friend should know that a) Endocrine cancers of the pancreas are sometimes very slow and can be managed.  (Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, had this

2017-03-29 Oncology (General Cancer) -

From the information you've given me I can't tell whether she has cancer or not; there are certain kinds of bladder cancer which can't be treated, or where treatment was not effective, so the fact that

2017-03-25 Oncology (General Cancer) - Cologran and cqncer:

Should it not be sodium cyclamate?  Can is a slppery word! Like can a taxi ride cause my death? Of course it can though the risk of it may be low. With this sweetener the risk - if indeed it exists at

2017-03-23 Oncology (General Cancer) - Detoxification:

Yes there are chemical compounds around that may cause problems. But they are often - not always - so diluted that it is most improbable that they will cause any problems. An example. Most people would


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