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Breast Cancer

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2016-10-26 Radiology - Broken Arm x-ray:

Hello, Leigh.    I am not a physician, so not qualified to diagnose disease. I am only the photographer.     A fractured bone usually heals within 6-8 weeks. It sounds like you may have damaged some nerves

2016-10-25 Breast Cancer - Scaring myself sick.:

Without an examination there is not much I can tell you! I must therefore strongly suggest that you let a doctor -  best an oncologidt or a breast surgeon - check you soonest! Good luck!    You can also

2016-10-17 Oncology (General Cancer) - Blood test results:

If you were my patient I'd repeat the blood test about four weeks after this one was obtained.  You would also like to have a differential including platelets, and you would want a technician or a physician

2016-10-16 Breast Cancer - Nipple Discharge:

As long as there is no blood in the discharge it is most unlikely!  You can improve the reliability of your examinations even further by also demanding 1. cytology of your discharge and 2. MRI breast scans

2016-10-15 Breast Cancer - Mammogram vs ultrasound results:

1. the 2 methods are different and "see" different things - or rather modalities. So this happens now and then. 2 impossible to tell without being able to look into the future. A woman has a chance of


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