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Breast Cancer

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2016-09-20 Radiology - MRI:

Hello, Dorothy.    I'm sorry to hear you hurt your shoulder. First, you cannot get an MRI without a doctor's order. So, you will need to see a doctor before you try to schedule an MRI.    It doesn't really

2016-09-10 Oncology (General Cancer) - worried...:

Sessile polyps are more serious than pedunculated polyps.  Sessile polyps can become cancerous (over a ten year period) about 20% of the time; pedunculated, about 5%.  If they are removed, they are no

2016-09-08 Radiology - Arthrtis vs cancer?:

Hello, Thespina.    First, I am not a physician. Therefore, I am not qualified to diagnose disease. I am only the photographer.     Honestly, I don't know how the radiologists tell whether Bone Scan activity

2016-09-07 Oncology (General Cancer) - ayuda...:

Hi,  First of all there is no need to panic which I can see from your email. Whenever there is an issue; first thing to do is accept it and then act. From the details you mentioned I do not see any life

2016-09-07 Oncology (General Cancer) - worried...:

A polyp takes at least six years to become a cancer, and most polyps won't become cancer.  That's why when polyps are found and removed, you can prevent 95% of colon cancer if you do the procedure every


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