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2017-01-12 Buddhists - Hatred:

Practice *not* holding the thoughts and feelings that appear in your mind. When you have a thought (whether it's good or bad, hope or fear, desire or aversion, etc), watch it as you'd watch a cloud in

2016-12-10 Buddhists - Death:

Re death: What are you doing right now? If you're alive, use each moment of aliveness to understand yourself and help others. When you're dead, then you can deal with death.    Re self: strongly and sincerely

2016-12-10 Buddhists - Death:

Hi elena  My laptop is out of order. I am using my cheap mobile so need to be a bit brief. You can ask followup qns after this. I shall answer qns 2,3 and 4 first.    2  Self is a manifestation of our

2016-12-10 Buddhists - Death:

Hi Elena,     This answer is going to be a whole lot longer than you probably wanted to hear but here goes.  You want to know where you go when you die but I want to know who it is that was born and going

2016-12-10 Buddhists - Death:

Hi Elena -    Thank you for letting me answer these questions - you ask some good ones - I don't know how much I will be able to answer as the questions you ask require much information, plus I am about


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