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2017-03-23 Buddhists - lost and found:

Hi David,     Buddhists undertake to observe the basic 5 precepts to their best ability.  They are:    The Five Precepts:    1. Panatipata veramani sikkhapadam samadiyami      I undertake the precept to

2017-03-12 Buddhists - Hatred:

The key point is to ask what's best for *everyone* (your partner, yourself, and anyone else affected by the business). What's the correct way to deal with a stubborn person? There's no book, no authority

2017-02-27 Buddhists - Buddhism Questions:

Hi Autumn,    1. Yes. A Buddhist chooses to take certain "precepts", which typically include not stealing, not lying, not killing, not indulging in harmful forms of sex, and avoiding intoxicants. Details

2017-01-27 Meditation - Health:

James,    I'm not overly concerned about consciousness. I used to feel that's what I was - my consciousness - and I didn't want it to end.    But through careful observation and still listening it has

2017-01-26 Meditation - Health:

Hi, James.    To me meditation - taking quiet time to be in touch - by definition is an increase of sensitivity. But sensitivity certainly isn't a magic bullet!     I can understand your concern about


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