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2016-11-18 Buddhists - caste system and Buddhism:

Hi Greg, and thank you for a good question! The social history of Buddhism in India is not my particular field, but I can say the following: by and large the monastic community had a fairly high status

2016-11-02 Buddhists - Meditation:

Hi Firedingo,    Meditation is a subject that generates lots of different views. My usual response is that one can treat meditation as engaging ourselves in physical exercise.  This means one no longer

2016-11-02 Buddhists - Nirvana:

Hi Michelle,    To better comprehend certain Buddhist concepts, one needs to treat them with an open mind.  One needs to put aside one's perception and understanding on conventional ideas.  One Buddhist

2016-10-27 Buddhists - Violence in Buddhism:

Hi Ashley,    "Violence" is associated with the use of force. A general meaning of "violence" from the dictionary is "rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment".  Buddhism is about the practice

2016-09-16 Buddhists - Group Project:

Dear Michelle,    I'm afraid I don't have time to go into your questions at any length that would take pages and pages, which I expect you don't want anyway! But briefly:    1. I read a few books that


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