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2017-02-19 Excel - Microsoft Excel--permutation, summation and more:

for the number 8,7,6.5,4,3,2,1    Titles in row 1  A2: =8  B2: =A2-1    A3: =IF(A2=2, "", IF(B2=1,A2-1,A2))  B3: =IF(OR(A3="",A3=1), "", IF(B2=1,A3-1,B2-1))    Copy A3:B3 down until blanks start to appear

2017-02-19 Excel - Microsoft Excel--permutation, summation and more:

RJ,    There is no built in support for doing what you ask.  There is a combin function which will provide the number of combinations:   =Combin(8,2) = 28       You can use this code to generate what you

2017-02-18 Excel - Link pre-existed checkboxes to their relevent cells:

Parantapkumar      I have never done this, and I cannot come up with a method to give you.  I am pretty sure it can be done, so I suggest you reask the question of another allexperts person who might

2017-02-17 Excel - Keyboard shortcuts:

Trying to set up the sheet as indicated, I am clearly not replicating your data. I have "Header" in A1, Sub5 in E2, Peach in A6, and Jean in E6. So I don't see where D4:H9 would be selected anywhere. If

2017-02-17 Quicken & Other Budget/Accounting Software - Opening Balance:

So when the check was written to petty cash to reimburse it,  what expense category did you use  to code that check?   Whatever that expense account was,  that is the one you need to use.   You should


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