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2016-12-01 Excel - Excel function:

Lee,    First, I don't use macs and have no experience with them.  However, I would expect mac excel would work pretty much the same for the situation you describe.  Nontheless, you can send the worksheet

2016-12-01 Excel - conditional formatting:

select the range AF6:AI6   assume AF6 will be the activecell in the selection      go to the home tab and select conditional formatting    choose "new rule"  choose "Use a formula to Determine which cells

2016-12-01 Excel - VBA code:

Chris,    right click on the sheet tab for the sheet where you want this behavior.  Paste in this code in the resulting module:     Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)  Dim r As Range

2016-12-01 Excel - Excel function:

Lee,    Well, now would be returning  12/01/2016   even if you format the cell as MMMM to show December the underlying value is now().      If I wanted to match months for two cells that both contained

2016-12-01 Excel - horizontal filter?:

Gail,    There is no horizontal Filter.  If you wanted to manually set up horizontal outlining you could do that.  The best way would probably be to write a macro to do it.     If you don't mind altering


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