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2017-03-23 Excel - Legacy question:

Julian,    Go to a sheet tab and right click.  In the menu choose insert.   You should get a list that includes the excel 4 macro sheet.       So xlm macros are supported in the latest version of excel

2017-03-20 Excel - Import data from Excel into Word Form:

you may well be able to do this with a mail merge - see  Otherwise, yes you can use VBA to achieve it - which may be easier to

2017-03-19 Excel - simple formula but "too many arguments":

Paul,    I copied your formula and pasted it into a cell and it worked fine for me:     =IF((A1=1),(B2+C2)/30,IF((A2=1),(B2+C3)/50,0))    Also, it gave the expected answer under all three conditions you

2017-03-18 Excel - Update Inventory list by barcode scanner:

Boris,        for item 1, that is already in the code:      Else    MsgBox "The ean code " & Target.Value & " was not found, quitting"    Application.EnableEvents = False      Target.ClearContents    Application

2017-03-17 Excel - Update Inventory list by barcode scanner:

Boris,    I see from your picture that the routine would need to start looking in B11 going down the sheet and when found, would increment or decrement column E of the found row. (I counted 11 rows to


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