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2017-04-21 Excel - formula/VBA:

I received an email from  saying they were shutting down allexperts effective 24 April and thanks for my participation.      So yes, I would say they are shutting it down for good.       I have

2017-04-21 Excel - formula/VBA:

Chris,    in the code module of the sheet where you want this behavior, put in this code (right click on the sheet tab and select view code)    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

2017-04-21 Excel - ActiveX ComboBox overlay problem. 2 drop downs appearing instead of one.:

Quenten,    It sounds like you have inadvertently made a copy of the combobox and they are pretty much aligned (a little offset).  This can happen if you hold down the control key when you click on the

2017-04-17 Excel - custom function:

Chris,    It worked fine for me (closing the workbook, then opening it again).  when I opened it and typed in some names, it worked.     Possible problems  You didn't enable macros.   If macros are not

2017-04-17 Excel - custom function:

Christopher,    the function worked fine for me.   went to the visual basic editor and with my project/workbook selected, I did Insert => Module and place the code there.     I suspect you have placed


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