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2016-12-25 Bread & Pastries - rolls falling:

HI Walter:    OK...let's see:    1. has this recipe worked for you before?    2. Proofing at 100 degrees is way, way, way too temp is fine. the yeast ate itself to death!    3. I believe they

2016-12-24 Food Safety Issues - Precooked meat package:

Sorry this took so long to answer. I have been away and I forgot to inactivate my account while I was gone. Your product should be safe to eat as long as you kept it refrigerated. The swelling could be

2016-12-09 Food Safety Issues - food poisioning:

I don't think this is food poisoning because the onset of your symptoms was so quick. It could be an allergic reaction to something in the food. There is a slight risk it was mold on the mushrooms so i

2016-12-02 Cooking Meat - Game Birds in the Fridge:

Sure. Most pathogens in poultry are put there during the plant processing. I worked in a plant in high school. Nasty.    Game birds used to be allowed to ripen by hanging up till the heads fell off.  

2016-11-17 Food Safety Issues - Store freezer problem:

I don't think there is an issue with the safety of your purchase. It would take a long time for the product to thaw out even if the door was partially open. The freezer compressor would keep turning itself


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