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2017-02-24 Radiology - radiation exposure:

Hello, Sayuri.    You are right to be concerned about being exposed to radiation. There is nothing you can do about the exposure you have already received. The best thing you can do for yourself is not

2017-02-22 Oncology (General Cancer) - Luekemia:

Hi. Sorry for late response. Usually I respond in 24 hours but I forgot to respond to the earlier mail. Please send me the latest CT scan(plain or contrast. Preferably contrast CT) report on my mail medlifeasia@gmail

2017-02-11 Colon Cancer - Colon cancer:

In all likelihood your risk is probably not big. On the other hand your mother did have polyps even though benign. You may have a genetic risk of developing polyps too. The longer polyps are permitted

2017-02-11 Oncology (General Cancer) - ColonCancer:

I agree that with your history, your age and your family history you should have a screening colonoscopy every five years.  These recommendations are evolving, however, and some people are saying two negative

2017-02-05 Radiology - MRA scan:

Hello, Jenny.    If they treated your aneurysm by surgically implanting an aneurysm clip, DO NOT have an MRA before you verify that the aneurysm clip is MRI safe. A ferrous (having magnetic properties)


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