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2016-09-25 Oncology (General Cancer) - VIN3:

I don't think you would have a problem; you are talking about disorders of cell ;proliferation, and Nucala seems to be fairly specifically directed at eosinophils.  In my review of the data, I don't see

2016-09-25 Radiology - Head ct question:

Hello, Megan.    I wish I could tell you exactly what that white spot is, but I am not a radiologist (physician). I am only the photographer, therefore am not trained to interpret diagnostic images.  

2016-09-23 Oncology (General Cancer) - ways to lower estrogen in breast cancer survivor:

There are no "natural" ways of lowering her estrogen level. It can be done by giving her rather high doses of the male sex hormone testosterone. Just like you can chemically castrate a male by giving him

2016-09-23 Oncology (General Cancer) - Ways to lower estrogen in breast cancer patient:

About 20% of breast cancer doesn't have an estrogen receptor, and would not respond to lowering estrogen or anti-estrogenic drugs.  If that is the case, that may be why she was given chemotherapy.  For

2016-09-20 Pathology - Spindle cell neoplasm:

Hello Kelli    My apologies for the delayed response.    Your biopsy report indicates that you have a growth which is composed of spindle shaped cells, that is cells which are elongated with tapered ends


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