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2017-01-11 Oncology (General Cancer) - Discoloration on ear:

Hi,  I  would suggest that you consult a dermatologist who could exactly examine and confirm whether the skin is normal or not. You need to be aware of your family history and the place of work in case

2017-01-10 Oncology (General Cancer) - Pre-cancer on penis?:

Sorry, the pictures are not enough. You must let a doctor - best a urologist or a skin doctor, a dermatologist - check you. Do that soonest so you will know what to do. Good luck!      You can also reach

2017-01-07 Oncology (General Cancer) - High WBC High platelet:

No I do not think that you must get an earlier time! Your results though not quite"normal"  are not that alarming. Good luck!      You can also reach me at:

2016-12-23 Pathology - high wbc:

Hello:  I apologize for the late reply.    Yes any form of infection can raise the white cell count. A repeat after treatment should show a drop back to mormal.  The wbc's are cells which fight gains bacteria

2016-12-23 Breast Cancer - Request for medical opinion regarding treatment plan for breast cancer patient:

It is at least very hard & difficult if not downright impossible to give any evaluation of value to her and you with the limited insight in her whole situation that I have at the moment.  At best a combination


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