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2017-03-17 Yu-Gi-Oh - Bone deck help please:

Welp, that's what I get for not reading cards and just assuming they work without the old terrible versions like most themes do. My Fault.  You'll have to drop Bulb, Breakthrough Skill and probably Reinforcement

2017-03-14 Yu-Gi-Oh - Fire Warrior Deck Help:

There are a couple of things that I'm not a fan of here - which we'll go through in turn.    Firstly - this deck seems to lack a focus - what exactly are you trying to do here - I get that you're going

2017-03-13 Gambling - Walking Away a Winner:

Blake,    In an game of chance, like craps, most players believe in hot and cold streaks.  During a hot streak, when the shooter is hitting your numbers and you're winning, you believe that the hot streak

2017-03-12 Poker - Re-Raising an All-In Bet in No Limit Texas Hold'em:

Ken,    In Limit Texas Hold'em, raises are limited to 3.  But in No Limit Texas Hold'em you are allowed unlimited raises.    Now, let's look at your particular hand.  You state that there

2017-03-12 Yu-Gi-Oh - Magnet Warrior:

So in answer to your first question:    Yes, you can activate Gamma's Effect when your opponent declares an attack.   Effects that have restrictions on when during your opponent's turn you can use them


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