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2016-11-26 Yu-Gi-Oh - hi:

Unfortunately Fast and Powerful is a tough ask in a deck containing only Dynamist monsters. I'm unable to rely on Cyber Dragon Infinity and Toadally Awesome for power since those aren't allowed, and I

2016-11-25 Yu-Gi-Oh - Machine help please:

Hmmm, I'm assuming you're playing Machina Fortress, not Machina Force? As I can't see any way to summon the latter. You can drop to 2 of it, as you'll always want to be discarding a Level 10 monster to

2016-11-24 Yu-Gi-Oh - Dinomist Nov 2016:

Side decks are rather similar nowadays, they're usually just the best Kaiju for the deck accompanied by System Down, Spell/Trap Removal, the odd hand trap and the odd floodgate.  With this you probably

2016-11-22 Yu-Gi-Oh - Kat Scratch Fever (Lunalight):

Hmmm, so my initial build for this is quite costly, I'll show it to you here, then suggest some replacements:    3 Lunalight Black Sheep  3 Lunalight Wolf  3 Lunalight White Rabbit  3 Lunalight Tiger

2016-11-18 Yu-Gi-Oh - Dinomist Nov 2016:

You seemed to dislike decks that played Bahamut Shark into Toadally awesome last time but you've chosen another deck that can do so easily... curious...    While I'm not sure I agree with Omitting the


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