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2016-09-10 Yu-Gi-Oh - Machine Help Question Please:

You have to remember that most of the low-level non-effect fusions were printed in LOB - Charubin and Fusionist were both in it.  Every card game has to have bad cards, simply because the ability to determine

2016-09-09 Yu-Gi-Oh - tayala the princess of cherry blossoms deck:

I think I'd start with a variation on the Plant Synchro theme - using Lonefire and Rose Paladin to grab Talaya from the deck, and Miracle Fertiliser/Meliae to summon them from the Graveyard.  Something

2016-09-08 Yu-Gi-Oh - Machine Help Question Please:

Your first question has 3 answers:    1. Traps are very situational. You need the right trap for the right situation - the more likely your opponent is to do the thing that triggers your trap, the better

2016-08-27 Bridge & other card games - 2/1:

Hi,    With 10 points you would generally make a 3 card limit raise...1H-1NT-2C-3H...unless it is a really bad 10 point hand (4-3-3-3 or mostly queens and jacks).    With 6-9 (or a bad 10) most players

2016-08-23 Yu-Gi-Oh - qli monarch:

The Reason for the Majesty's Fiends is that it's difficult to maintain a scale in a deck that's not necessarily built to have one al the time, which makes Single-Tribute monsters much more practical than


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