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Heart Disease/Cardiology

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2016-09-09 Heart & Cardiology - Energy for cardio.:

Increased exercise of both aerobic and weight resistance would be helpful. High triglycerides will lead to fatty liver.  Ask you doctor about starting on Actos which helps fatty liver, sugar and triglycerides

2016-08-25 Heart & Cardiology - Taking blood pressure:

The minor change in position should not matter. If there is any question about the adequate control of your BP ask your doctor about a 24 hour BP monitor. Everyone's BP is elevated some of the time. The

2016-08-15 Vascular Surgery - Sclerotherapy - no different:

well I am sure sorry you had a bad result, sclerotherapy is not a treatment I am enamored of nor see used often, I am sorry  cant really offer any advice, if they did the tests first, I don't have any

2016-08-15 Vascular Surgery - Sclerotherapy - no different:

did you have an ultrasound first to see if there is an underlying superficial venous insufficiency that needs treatment? if you have insufficiency the pressure from that can prevent sclerotherapy from

2016-08-11 Heart & Cardiology - LBBB:

A Left Bundle Branch Block is a problem with the electrical system of the heart. It can cause dysynchrony which can cause a decrease in the ejection fraction. It is not low enough to consider bi-ventricular


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