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2016-09-12 How to Get What You - job titles and talents:

Hi AJ,  I can't adequately answer your question in one email. I'd recommend you get career books or meet with a career coach for help. Off hand, I think motivational speaker uses much of what you're talking

2016-09-12 Finding Your Purpose in Life - job titles and my life expression:

Hi Ahmed, I've replied to you several times over the years.  Your own self analysis seems quite sufficient for you to find a solution.  I am not a careers advisor, as you probably remember, I talk about

2016-09-12 Finding Your Purpose in Life - job titles confusion:

Thanks for writing.  Listing your interests has probably given you some ideas already.        Your social part of enjoying helping people solve their problems, would make a good customer service representative

2016-09-07 Finding Your Purpose in Life - Motivation rut:

It can be very hard to start over when your dream doesn't work out the way you wanted. You grieve the loss of not only the actual opportunity but the dream itself. And now you have to figure out what new

2016-08-05 Business Etiquette - Proper Letterhead listing of a Past President who is deceased:

Dear Trish:  Thank you for your question.  You would list your past president in one of three ways, depending upon how your organization handles it.  If your bank has bestowed the position of Emeritus


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