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2017-01-25 Public Speaking - Impromptu Speech + Effective Communicator and speaker:

Rekha,    This type of nervousness is very common, but your solution really depends on the cause of the nervousness.     As an overview, any fear comes from an increase risk of public failure, injury,

2017-01-13 Resume Help - references:

Sorry this is late.  It went into the spam file.    I can understand why you would not want to list the current one....most people will not list a current supervisor due to the fact that it may hurt your

2017-01-12 Business Etiquette - Follow up to coffee meeting invitation:

Dear Merinna,    Thank you for your question.  My short answer is Pick Up The Phone!  Call your designer and set up a meeting.  Know that if you do the inviting, you pay.  But,  it 's a small price to

2017-01-05 Working more efficiently - physical confidence:

7/1/2017    Hello Ali    Thank you for the question and Happy 2017    The thing is that you may be thinking there is a disconection betweeen body mind and soul.    Once you understand you have to make


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