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2016-10-21 Working more efficiently - sleep weather and mindset:

Hello Nizami    Thank you very much for your question    You need an intervention of a coach to organize better your life.    I am a Coach!    I first recommend to visit a Medical Doctor for a physical

2016-10-18 Resume Help - Resume Questions?:

Hi!    The 2nd resume is much better since it gives the experience she wants to provide.  However, take out the experience that doesn't apply from 1998 and back.  You only have to go back 10 years, and

2016-10-04 Resume Help - Objective on resume:

Hi Brent,     To help answer your question, lets explore the differences between an Objective and a Summary as used for the resume. An objective statement is typically used by someone with little or no

2016-09-12 How to Get What You - job titles and talents:

Hi AJ,  I can't adequately answer your question in one email. I'd recommend you get career books or meet with a career coach for help. Off hand, I think motivational speaker uses much of what you're talking

2016-09-12 Finding Your Purpose in Life - job titles and my life expression:

Hi Ahmed, I've replied to you several times over the years.  Your own self analysis seems quite sufficient for you to find a solution.  I am not a careers advisor, as you probably remember, I talk about


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