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2017-03-28 Catholics - The Second Person of the Holy Trinity as God:

The Holy Trinity is described as Three Divine Persons in one God.  As God, all Three Persons are equal.  In addition, Christ has two natures:  God and (incarnated) man.  When the Holy Trinity as Three

2017-03-19 Catholics - Commion Ritual:

Oral traditions preceded written ones.    Probably, the earliest record of an oral tradition is 1 Cor 15:3-7., most likely formulated by 40 AD.  The Mass is a re-presentation of the sacrifice of on the

2017-03-14 Catholics - Telling the future seems impossible:

Thanks, Charles, for your patience with my vacation.  I am familiar with the Latin phrase.  However, a decision has to be made on the particular event/situation. Also, there are associated issues with

2017-03-09 Catholics - The Need for the Church to overcome sin?:

We do what we can to avoid sin, and for what we cannot do we obtain forgiveness and accept His cleansing, that glorified and welcomed into Heaven (where no unrighteousness can exist) we take our place

2017-03-06 Catholics - Apparitions:

Your premise is incorrect.  The Church does not "approve" apparitions.  It can only conclude, in a few cases, that there is nothing in them that is contrary to the Faith.  A Catholic is NOT obliged to


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