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2016-11-29 Catholics - Transubstantiation:

Actually it is both and.      The priest is speaking the words of consecration over the elements of bread and wine.  As the priest is speaking the words as the Alter Christus, the Holy Spirit is working

2016-11-27 Catholics - litany of saints:

Each organization of bishops (like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops) has an office which approves the text that will be printed in missiles and prayer books.  These are the "official" documents for

2016-11-27 Catholics - litany of saints:

Oddly enough, the litany of saints, like most prayers in Catholic tradition, has no "official" version.  There is a commonly used version which has been set to music and is printed in various publications

2016-11-23 Women in Religious Life - women preachers and teachers:

Yes, I do because Jesus said in the Greater Commission for everyone to go out into the world to preach the good news.  This includes women.  Yes, women are to be help meets as we see in Scripture, however

2016-11-11 Catholics - morality:

A very good question!      I have asked a similar question of moral theologians myself when I was in graduate school.  At the time, I was given an answer.  I forget what it was, but whatever it was I did


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