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2017-02-18 Catholics - Recognition, Faith and Will:

Cognition comes first through reason. Reflection with faith enables one to recognize that someone/thing is beyond reason and so worthy under the help of God to pursue the ultimate truths of creation.

2017-02-15 Catholics - John 1:29 Early Christology:

An interesting imaginative speculation.  However, speculation based on general summarized opinions that seek to overthrow concrete evidence does not impress me.  I find that the tried credentials of Christianity

2017-02-13 Catholics - Questions and Values of religion:

As your comment, Charles, mentions Christians among pagans, That situation/circumstances woul warrant familiarity.  If I were living in rural Norway or Jordan, I would learn something about Lutheranism

2017-01-30 Catholics - God's Judgment:

Your Protestant friends are being presumptuous.  Judgment is God's, Who sees all, not man's.  This reasonable principle is given in the First Book of Kings (16:7/DRV):  "Nor do I judge according to the

2017-01-29 Catholics - Mass:

This is going to be short answer as I have been busy.    Purchase and read the book "Why Catholic's Can't Sing: The Culture of Catholicism and the Triumph of Bad Taste" by Thomas Day.      This book will


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