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2016-09-18 Catholics - S. Aquinas' scholastic dialectic method of argumentation:

Nice to hear from Brazil. I had a cousin who lived there for several years long ago.  I do not have recent resources on Thomist philosophy.  On the internet, check:

2016-09-14 Catholics - philosophy:

Before the Incarnation, there may have been "hints" that pointed to a divine Messiah, but nothing that would speak clearly of the Trinity.   The Pharisees condemned Jesus as a blasphemer even when he claimed

2016-09-10 Catholics - philosophy:

Tack!  When Jesus began to speak of God as his Father in a special way, that was new to the monotheism of Judaism.  The Gospel of John emphasizes Jesus as the eternal Word of God.  Then Jesus began to

2016-09-02 Catholics - Angels and Free-will:

Your answer is correct.  The Creator gave both Angels and men free-will to choose good or evil.  If one does not have free-will, he is a slave, and his choices do not merit him anything.  One explanation

2016-08-30 Catholics - Divorce:

Josh, My prayers for you in the sorrowful situation.  I urge you to consult your local parish priest before making a decision about divorce. If you are concerned about competent priests to consult, phone


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