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2016-10-21 Catholics - marriage/divorce:

Your daughter is free to date this person.  If they want to get married at some point he is going to have to get an annulment.   Otherwise your daughter right now is fine to date him. It is nice to hear

2016-10-15 Catholics - Status of children:

If you were baptized in the Presbyterian church you are Christian but you are not Catholic.  This is especially true since you were raised in the Presbyterian Faith.  Your mother might have been Catholic

2016-10-11 Anglicans - Church doors:

If green signifies anything in England it's simply that green is a favoured colour for doors and window frames in heritage buildings, leading to a particular shade being known as "heritage green". Most

2016-10-07 Catholics - excoumminication:

Excommunication is a penalty for doing something which the Church has decided it can't tolerate among its members.  It is a legal penalty, in which the church says, "as far as we are concerned, you can

2016-10-04 Catholics - excoumminication:

There are two kinds of excommunication.  Excommunication means that the person involved is excluded from participation in the church, which means they can't receive the sacraments.  The purpose of excommunication


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