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2017-01-10 Catholics - :"Selling Your Soul to the Devil":

You "sell your soul to the Devil" whenever you commit Mortal Sin.  In such a case, you lose Sanctifying Grace, which is a share in the divine life and the entrance to Heaven.    You need to be sure that

2017-01-10 Catholics - Cross necklace:

Peace    Interesting. I see both of your points. I could see the first, especial for runners/joggers. The cross I wear as a Franciscan looks like fancy letter T, it pre-dates St. Francis of Assisi.  It

2017-01-09 Anglicans - moral law:

Thank you for your question. It is true that some early Christians tried to separate themselves from the non-Christian population in order to protect themselves from being corrupted by that. But I think

2017-01-09 Catholics - what does the Church say on this matter:

Because the Church does not work in the same way as a government.  Salvation cannot be forced on people.      The problem with Pope Francis document is that it is unclear on the question of whether divorced

2017-01-08 Catholics - what does the Church say on this matter:

My answer will be quite long.  Just be aware.  In order to adequately answer it I first want to deal with divorce and remarriage.  Then I will deal with the question of reception of Holy Communion.   


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