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2016-12-03 Ask the Veterinarian - Weimaraner bumps on belly and head:

When I cannot identify something like a nodule, I will do a fine needle aspirate of the lesion to see if the cells are identifiable as pus cells, tumor cells, cells consistent with a cyst, or something

2016-11-29 Ask the Veterinarian - Dog whining:

Many dogs will cry and whine after anesthetics.  That's the effect they have until all of the drugs are out of the system.  You should call your vet and report this because there may be something else

2016-11-14 Cats - Kitten Pee:

Hi  Cats use their urine for scent marking. Even neutered cats will do this.    It could be that there was s something in the room that was new or he may simply have felt that he could smell the other

2016-11-11 Ask the Veterinarian - Kitten - Feces smell:

It is possible you just got a "stinker'.  As is true with people, each of us is unique. As the feline generations go on after the introduction of commercial food, vaccines, flea chemicals, environmental

2016-11-10 Ask the Veterinarian - Cat:

Poor kitty.  I am so glad you asked me. I wish you could get everyone with pets in your province to read this and/or my site. You can get VERY GOOD homeopathic veterinary care byPHONE/SKYPE/EMAIL. www


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