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2017-03-19 Cats - Kitten and Dog:

Hi  two weeks isn't very long at all. It could take months before they settle down and even then they may never be truly friends.    Please visit my page on my site which gives some advice. Although it

2017-03-17 Ask the Veterinarian - Pain Relief for Cat With Cancer:

Please send me the name of your homeopathic veterinarian so I can use for others. And email me the results of working with your homeopathic vet as I will write books about successes. HealthyAnimals@aol

2017-03-17 Ask the Veterinarian - Yeasty Min Pin:

Apologies for the delayed response - I missed the notice.     You are experiencing the tragedy of conventional symptomatic approaches - as one thing resolves, something else appears. To answer your questions

2017-03-15 Ask the Veterinarian - Garlic:

Thank you for looking for alternatives to the potentially harmful chemicals for fleas. I know you live in Florida, so they are an issue.   There is much debate in the veterinary world about the safety

2017-03-14 Ask the Veterinarian - Cat biting & chewing his tail:

yes, I do have many suggestions for you. When I only had my conventional veterinary training, I would often be very frustrated by cats who did this (it was not uncommon) as I considered it untreatable


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